Tech MBA Programs for Working Professionals


By DeVry University

April 5, 2022
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Whether you’re looking to pursue a new opportunity in tech or advance your career in your current position, a tech MBA program is a great way to strengthen your business and technology capabilities while adding a new credential to your resume.

Still, it can be challenging to balance work and school. In this article, we'll explore some frequently asked questions about enrolling in tech MBA programs and give you an idea of what being a working professional while pursuing an MBA degree might look like as we go through the following sections:

Working While Earning a Tech MBA

Whether you’re thinking about going back to school to build up your skills or change careers, DeVry offers several MBA specializations to choose from based on your career goals and personal interests. You can choose to take classes 100% online or through our hybrid model, and earn your degree with a full- or part-time course structure to help make your schedule more manageable.

This flexibility makes it easier for you to continue working full-time while making it possible to advance your education in a way that is convenient for you.

Do Tech Companies Pay for an MBA?

Whether or not a company will pay for you to enroll in online tech MBA programs will depend on their unique policies. Companies that do cover the cost of an MBA program for their employees may choose to reimburse you after you've graduated, or they may choose to pay the school directly.

Your employer may also opt to offer you a partial reimbursement for your education, but again, it will depend on each employer’s specific policies. To get a better understanding of the polices at your company, make sure to discuss your education plans with your employer in detail beforehand so you know what they offer and what processes you need to follow.

If you work for a company that does not provide reimbursement for an MBA program, you may still have options. Check with the school you’re interested in to see what tuition or financial aid they offer potential MBA students. You may also be able to apply for grants or scholarships that can help make earning an MBA degree more affordable.

To learn more about tuition costs, financial aid and scholarship awards offers at DeVry, visit our Tuition and Financial Aid page.

What is an MBA in Information Systems Management?

If you’re looking to enroll in a tech MBA, DeVry’s MBA with a Specialization in Information Systems Management may be a good fit. As a specialization option for our general MBA program, this kind of graduate-level degree would add tech-focused specialization classes in addition to your core MBA curriculum.

If you're already a working professional, earning an MBA with a Specialization in Information Systems Management can be a great way to learn new or boost your existing tech skills while improving your leadership capabilities, as this type of tech MBA specialization is designed to help you learn many of the skills needed to pursue higher-level or leadership roles after graduation, either within your current organization or in a tech-focused space.

Technology focused classes will teach you concepts like networking, business information systems and analysis, as well as how to utilize technology and applications in real-world scenarios. And since this program is an MBA degree at its core, you will also have the chance to round out your education by learning management theory and practices and develop leadership and interpersonal skills like collaboration and problem solving.

Benefits of a Tech MBA Program

Earning a tech MBA program has a number of potential benefits for graduates who have already worked in business or tech industries. Some of these benefits may include:

  • Improved technology skills: If you're enrolling in a tech MBA program, chances are you're hoping to expand your existing technology skills or develop new ones. When working through a tech MBA program, you'll be presented with opportunities to develop industry-related skills that you can quickly put to use.

  • Leadership abilities: Like typical MBA programs, a tech MBA program includes business administration principles that help students prepare to pursue managerial roles. While you earn your MBA, you'll have opportunities to develop an understanding of leadership strategies and concepts that can improve your ability to lead teams and work toward successful outcomes.

  • Potential for higher earnings: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who hold a master's degree typically earn more than those who a bachelor's degree or lower. While your earnings are not guaranteed to increase, having a graduate degree on your resume may be useful when discussing potential raises or promotion opportunities with your employer, or when pursuing a manager-level position.

  • Expanded job opportunities: Some jobs prefer to consider applicants that have graduate-level degrees. While not a guaranteed outcome, earning an MBA may enable you to consider a wider range of job opportunities, depending on a company’s requirements.

Tech MBA Programs at DeVry

At DeVry, we offer two different technology-enhanced MBA degree programs through our Keller Graduate School of Management:

These MBA programs are designed to help you gain technology skills for today’s modern workplace using our Tech Empowered Learning model. No matter which program you choose to enroll in, you can count on tech-driven, hands-on learning opportunities to help you build your digital literacy.

Build Your Technology Skills with an MBA from DeVry

If you’re interested in earning your MBA or expanding your technology skills as a working professional, DeVry can help. With our flexible online programs, you can study on a full- or part-time basis, so you can earn your degree on your schedule and without disrupting your professional life. Explore our MBA programs, our technology programs, and check out the ways we’re working to empower women in tech and promote equal representation in the industry.

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