Online Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

That Business Won't Start Itself

An online graduate certificate in entrepreneurship program helps students gain the tools they need to build and grow a business. Through such topics as entrepreneurial execution, venture finance, marketing tactics, and exit strategy planning, you’ll learn how to make your business dreams a reality. Take your first step toward becoming an entrepreneur with the Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship online program at DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management.

Get to Know Our Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Our online Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship program helps students launch their own business. Taught by experienced business professors, coursework covers idea generation, opportunity assessment, market research, segmentation, raising capital and equity financing.

You can earn this certificate as a standalone credential, or apply these credits to the Entrepreneurship concentration in the Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) program. Our programs are stackable, which means if you want to continue after your Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship, your coursework can be applied to an MBA at Keller.

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

Earn your Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship in as little as 1 year*—or even more quickly with qualifying transfer credits.

*Not including breaks. Assumes year-round, full-time enrollment.



What You'll Learn

The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship program from DeVry University covers the following:

  • entrepreneurial execution icon

    Entrepreneurial Execution

    Apply entrepreneurial skills to generate a break-through idea, develop the concept, articulate the business plan, and secure financial support for implementation.
  • venture finance icon

    Venture Finance

    Evaluate the options an entrepreneur has to meet the ultimate goal of return on investment and other financial goals for generating financial capital.
  • marketing and exit strategies icon

    Marketing and Exit Strategies

    Analyze various corporate structures to differentiate the factors new ventures use to successfully compete and evaluate the resources required to operate the business.

Accreditation Matters

Accredited** by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Cert To Master's

At Keller, our programs are stackable, which can be of significant value to you. With a graduate certificate, you can earn a valuable credential with less time and tuition—and credits apply directly to your master’s degree1. This stackable model allows you to choose the building blocks you need to fit your career and earn two credentials in one.

Career Opportunities

Graduates with our Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship may consider, but are not limited to, the following careers:

  • Administrative Specialist

  • Administrative Supervisor

  • Office Manager

  • Office Supervisor

Program Courses

ACCT500 Essentials of Accounting, Finance and Economics
MGMT591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
INTL500 Global Perspectives for International Business
ENTR510 Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
ENTR530 Venture Finance and Due Diligence
ENTR550 Entrepreneurial Marketing

Academic Catalog

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Program Overview

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Academic Catalog

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Program Overview

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1Number of credits and courses vary by program. See catalog for complete details.

All students enrolled in site-based programs will be required to take some coursework online and, for some programs and locations, a substantial portion of the program may be required to be completed online.