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Online Undergraduate Certificate in Networking Essentials

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100% Online Networking Essentials Certificate classes start August 30, 2021.

Quick Facts

How long is the Networking Essentials Certificate Program?

  • 8 Courses
  • 23 minimum credit hours
  • Can be completed in as little as one year1

Tech Essentials Grant for Networking Certificate

This program is eligible for a Technical Essential Grant, which is available to new and readmit undergraduate students and offers $2,400 toward the cost of your Networking Essentials Certificate Program upon completing the program.2

Online Networking Essentials Certificate Program – What You Can Learn

This program will help you develop the essential skills needed to find your place in the broad field of wireless and hardwire networking. DeVry’s Networking Essentials Certificate covers the following:

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Gain working knowledge of the underlying technology of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and the Internet, including networking media, the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP), routing and switching and small network configuration and troubleshooting.

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Apply critical and analytical thinking to identify problems, evaluate options and implement solutions.

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Data Analysis

Learn to draw conclusions by finding patterns and relationships in numerical data with pertinent tools.

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Digital Devices and Digital Literacy

Explore digital concepts, devices and connectivity within the realm of the IoT. Topics include networking, securing and deploying digital devices and applying appropriate technologies.

Networking Essentials Certificate Admissions Requirements

Students must place in MATH062 & ENGL062 or above. To begin program coursework, you must first complete transitional studies courses, if applicable.3 Please see the catalog for complete admissions requirements.

Networking Essentials Certificate and Financial Aid and Grants

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Job Opportunities in the Computer Networking Field

From industry-relevant insights to professional development services designed with your career goals in mind, our  Networking Essentials Certificate program is designed to help you pursue your goals.

Graduates with our online Networking Essentials Undergraduate Certificate may consider entry-level opportunities in positions such as:

  • Computer Network Support Specialist
    Also called technical support specialists, they analyze, troubleshoot and evaluate computer network problems.

  • Local Area Network Administrator
    A LAN administrator will spend most of their time upgrading computers and helping the system administrator coordinate software updates. They will ensure an organization’s technology is up to date so there aren't breaches in security.
  • Network Technician
    The network technician role is responsible for supporting end users of data communications networks by installing, troubleshooting and maintaining computer hardware, software and data communications equipment.

  • Network System Administrator
    The network system administrator designs, deploys and administers wireless and wired infrastructure and supporting network systems.

Program Courses


MATH114 Algebra for College Students

Tech Core

CEIS101C Introduction to Technology and Information Systems
CEIS106 Introduction to Operating Systems
NETW191 Introduction to Information Technology & Networking
NETW211 Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

Network Systems Administration

NETW260 Intermediate Information Technology and Networking I
NETW270 Intermediate Information Technology and Networking II

Career Preparation

CEIS299 Careers and Technology

Computer Networking FAQs

What is a certificate in networking?

At DeVry, our Certificate in Networking Essentials is an undergraduate-level credential that can help prepare you for a tech career in a broad range of industries. Earning your certificate is one way that you can add a credential to your resume while demonstrating to current and future employers that you have developed core skills and knowledge in the networking field.

What can I do with a certificate in computer networking?

Our certificate in Networking Essentials can help prepare you to pursue entry-level networking jobs and industry certifications, whether you are just getting started in the industry or looking to advance in your current role. Better yet, when you earn your online networking certificate at DeVry you can apply your qualifying credits toward an Associate Degree in Information Technology and Networking with a specialization in Network Systems Administration or a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Networking should you choose to continue your education.

How do I get a networking certificate?

To earn an Undergraduate Certificate in Networking Essentials at DeVry, you will complete 8 courses with a minimum of 23 credit hours. This includes classes like Introduction to Technology and Information Systems and Introduction to Operating Systems.

What type of job can I get with a certificate in computer networking?

Graduates of DeVry’s Networking Essentials Undergraduate Certificate program may consider, but are not limited to, the following careers:

  • Network System Administrator
  • Computer Network Support Specialist
  • Local Area Network Administrator
  • Network Technician

What are the benefits of computer networking?

Businesses need computer networking to grow, share resources, increase flexibility, cut costs and more. There are essentially no limits to problem solving and creativity thanks to the multitude of uses in computer networking and programming. Understanding network essentials, operating systems and cloud computing can help you pursue a wide variety of roles in various industries.

Build Skills With Stackable Degrees

Earn a Credential at Every Step

You don’t have to wait four years to show a credential on your resume.  At DeVry, several programs are designed to stack. 

  • Start with a shorter credential that takes less time so it’s more affordable
  • Flexible online and on-site classes build your professional skills right away
  • Every course counts toward the next degree level5

How Do Credentials Stack?

Here’s an example: When you earn an undergraduate certificate in Networking Essentials, every course you complete in the program applies to an Associate Degree in Information Technology and Networking with a specialization in Network Systems Administration or any specialization of a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Networking.

Academic Catalog

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Program Overview

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Academic Catalog

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Program Overview

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1Not including breaks. Assumes year-round, full-time enrollment.
2Restrictions apply. Please see Scholarships and Grants page for complete details.
3Transitional studies coursework may affect program length and cost.
4Data includes all partner tuition savings, institutional scholarships, and grants for the period from July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020.
5The figures displayed represent the minimum credit hours required for graduation. At the time of application to the next credential level, an evaluation of qualifying transfer credit will occur and the most beneficial outcome will be applied.
**The figures displayed represent the minimum credit hours required for graduation. Additional coursework may be necessary to complete program requirements.