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How DeVry/Keller Career Services Helped This Grad Achieve Her Goals

The Millennial Mindset: 6 Things to Know About Stackable Credentials


Tech Is Driving Business in All Industries

Nowadays workers need a firm grasp on technology and a willingness to adapt as it changes. Here are some of the ways tech is supporting and driving business.

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Now Is the Time to Start Training Tomorrow’s Digital Workforce

In tomorrow's digital workforce, human & machine collaboration will create a hybrid workforce. How will managing this workforce differ from managing people alone?

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How to Address Gender-Based Training Gaps in the Workplace

With only 5% of Fortune 500 companies being led by women in 2018, gender-based training gaps are noticeable. What are companies doing to help close this gap?

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15 Job Interview Tips and Tricks

Preparing for an upcoming interview? Put your best foot forward with these 15 job interview tips and tricks for before, during and after the interview.

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How to Answer the Question "Tell Me About Yourself"

Give yourself an edge in your next interview with these tips on how to answer the question “Tell me about yourself”.

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Tips: Applying for an Entry-Level Job When You’re a Recent College Grad

Tired of finding “entry level” jobs requiring 1-3 years of experience? These tips on leveraging your skills, education, internships and volunteer work can help.

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Transferring Into A Degree: Got Credits?

Have you thought about completing your degree? DeVry alum, Jonathan Weinberger, shares his story about earning proficiency credits & utilizing transfer credits.

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Job Satisfaction: How to Make Work More Rewarding

Are you dreading the start of the workweek? Or wishing the workday away? Consider ways to improve your job satisfaction by changing how you think about work.

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Designing Success: Serena Nuccio

Serena Nuccio, a DeVry graduate, shares her story about finding happiness and success in her career.

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The Take-Home Internet of Things at DeVry

DeVry's IoT Kit puts real-world hardware in the hands of our students. Learn more about what's in the kit and how it fits into our technology curriculum.

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DeVry Tech Core Overhaul Aimed at Careers in IoT

The IoT has inspired a curriculum realignment of DeVry’s College of EIS. Tech Core helps students gain knowledge for careers related to tech innovations of today.

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DeVry Students Hope for Big Gains with Super Bowl Internships

Prior to the 2019 Super Bowl, DeVry IT networking students filled 6 NFL internships that provided them with real world, experiential work and education.

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