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At DeVry University and our Keller Graduate School of Management, we are here to help you achieve your educational goals and prepare for what’s next, without losing track of your life today. We offer online education options in business, tech and healthcare at the undergraduate certificate, associate, bachelor's degree, graduate certificate and master's degree program levels. With our online education programs, you can work toward earning a degree in a way that’s tailored to your goals and busy schedule.

With online learning at DeVry you can count on our experienced faculty to provide you with the same hands-on, real-world-focused experience as a traditional on-campus education. Take advantage of our university-wide resources, online tutoring and one-on-one interactions with your professors. Collaborate with fellow students and professors across the country and experience a tech-based education.

Experience the flexibility you need with an online education that fits your life, and be ready for a journey that transforms you.

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

You’re never too busy to achieve your goals. Our online classes meet you where you are—home, work or on-the-go. Learn more about our flexible options.

Onsite and Online Programs Available

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How Does Online Education Work?

DeVry’s online classes are designed to equip you with the resources you need right from the start. Course materials are available to you a week before class even starts. Every class is developed based on standard learning objectives and presented online using a common-sense, accessible framework.

Read more about how online classes work. Have more questions? Check out our online learning FAQ guide.

Flexibility and Support

As an online student, you’ll take classes through our customized online learning platform, which offers you the flexibility to learn when and where it’s convenient for you.

Each week's assignments, topics and discussions are contained on a tab specific to that week. As the course progresses, you have access to all the notes, instructor lectures and chats you've engaged in up to that point, as well as the course materials.


Our online undergraduate and graduate courses emphasize the importance of peer interaction. That's why all of our web-based sessions feature robust discussion threads. Many also have group projects, where students connect via phone and email to complete assignments together.

The dialogue and interaction extend beyond your classmates. Professors are actively involved in online classroom discussions and available to answer questions via phone and email. You’ll also have the full support of your Student Support Advisor, who is dedicated to helping you develop a plan of study, select your online courses, navigate financial aid and more.

Plus, as an online student, you can also take classes at any of our 40+ locations nationwide.

Online Education Benefits

The benefits of an online education are more than just the opportunity to earn a degree from your kitchen table. With our flexible online learning platform, you can earn an education from an accredited university1 on your schedule.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from your online program at DeVry and Keller:

  • Support and care from faculty and staff
  • An active community of students and alumni
  • Classes taught by professors who are also experienced in their fields
  • Curricula built around real-world skills
  • The opportunity to earn a degree from an accredited university


Access The Tools You Need

Discover the breadth of the tools and resources we offer to help you pursue your online education goals:

  • Detailed course materials for all of your online classes
  • DeVry University's virtual e-library
  • Collaboration with instructors and classmates
  • Online document sharing and Dropbox for assignments
  • Web-based study tools and learning media with visual demonstrations
  • 24/7 tutoring provides real-time access to tutors who can provide guidance on concepts in assignments
  • Live lectures scheduled and recorded every week in select courses

FAQs: Online Education

What is meant by online education?

Online education is any learning that occurs over the internet. Sometimes called e-learning, distance learning or virtual learning, it provides the student with the opportunity to pursue an education anywhere with an internet connection.

What are the benefits of online degree programs?

As an online student, you’ll interact with professors with valuable real-world experience; take part in an active community of students and alumni; and have access to extracurricular activities like career-relevant club events, competitions, guest speaker presentations and more. DeVry is pleased to offer you the same quality of education students receive on campus, along with the convenience of connecting from your tablet, mobile phone or computer where it is most convenient for you.

The following are five benefits of an online degree program:

  • Flexibility – Enjoy the convenience of earning an online degree anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Networking – Expand your horizons by connecting with other students from around the country.
  • Technology know-how – The technology used in online education equips you to better utilize similar tools in the workplace.
  • Writing skills – Hone your writing skills in an environment that is largely dependent on written communications.
  • Relationships – Develop close relationships with faculty, staff and other students that can last long after graduation.

Is online education better than classroom education?

Online education is a great option for people who are busy with work, family and life. The quality of online learning can be as good or even better than in-person classroom learning. Both online education and in-person learning have their merits, but online education can be ideal for those students who seek the convenience of studying and attending class from home on their schedules. Online education also encourages students to think deeply and critically and share what they’ve learned with their classmates and professors.

What is a typical online course schedule?

Because DeVry offers so many options for our students to customize their class schedules and course loads to fit their lives, the length of time it takes for someone to earn an online degree can vary. On average, a full-time student may expect to spend 15 to 20 hours a week on coursework. A part-time student can expect to spend less time, depending on course load. To set a schedule that’s right for you, our student support advisors will work with you to put together a plan that fits your life and is designed to help you meet your educational goals.

What's the cost of an online college degree from DeVry?

Tuition is the same for both online and hybrid-format programs, and there may be flexible options to help you pay for your education, as well as federal2, state3 and DeVry scholarships or grants4 available for eligible students. You’ll be able to start earning your online degree at DeVry with a clear financial plan in place. For more detailed information, see our Tuition and Expenses page.

Does DeVry offer stackable degree programs?

Yes! DeVry offers several stackable programs. These are programs that naturally feed into  a more advanced degree where most courses count from the initial degree to the advanced degree. Program availability varies by location.

Here’s an example: When you earn an undergraduate certificate in Programming Essentials, every course you complete in the program applies to an Associate Degree in Information Technology and Networking with a specialization in Information Systems Programming or any specialization of a bachelor’s degree in either Computer Information Systems or Software Development.

I have taken previous courses at a different university, how do I know which courses will transfer over?

DeVry has agreements in place with multiple community colleges, two-year institutions, technical schools and other schools as well. If you are interested in earning your degree please contact an admissions representative to schedule a transfer credit evaluation.

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What Our Students Have to Say

"The reason why I highly recommend DeVry is because this online education experience has been great and the student support is phenomenal. DeVry strives for you to succeed in all your courses and offer all the resources needed to do that. Really love DeVry."

Rhonise Shaw | Student — Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding

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