Online Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management

Expand Your Skills in Healthcare Administration, Policy and More

As the healthcare industry evolves and grows, you’ll need to expand your skillset to stay competitive. When you earn an online Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management at DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management, you can gain valuable skills and knowledge in healthcare administration, policy, finance and more.

Get to Know Our Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management

Our Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management program provides hands-on, experiential learning from our knowledgeable professors. Online courses cover health services systems, health rights and responsibilities, health services finances and much more.

Earn your certificate as a standalone credential or as a path towards a master’s degree.
If you choose to continue your education with DeVry in the future, qualifying credits you earn may be transferrable to the Health Services Management concentration in the Master of Business Administration program or the Healthcare Management emphasis in the Master of Public Administration program.

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

Earn your Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management in as little as 1 year*—or even more quickly with qualifying transfer credits.

*Not including breaks. Assumes year-round, full-time enrollment.



What You'll Learn

The Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management from DeVry covers the following:

  • healthcare communication icon

    Healthcare Communication

    Explain how decisions impact stakeholders by applying an understanding of the healthcare continuum. Learn how to balance the needs of stakeholders with the needs of patients.
  • public and private healthcare plans icon

    Public and Private Healthcare Plans

    Assess the value of available health plans and explain the value-proposition of different types of health plans to patients, synthesize the business of healthcare relative to the patient care and analyze how each affects the other.
  • ethics and criminal justice icon

    Ethics in Healthcare

    Analyze the evolution of legal and ethical aspects of healthcare to determine the moral responsibilities of healthcare workers. Examine how today’s legal system affects the types of care provided to the patient.
  • us healthcare policy icon

    U.S. Healthcare Policy

    Apply an understanding of the overall US healthcare model and the history of legislation and available public/private programs to issues in the contemporary healthcare field; also, apply an understanding of the US model as compared to other models around the globe.

Cert To Master's

At Keller, several of our programs are stackable, which may be of significant value to you. With a graduate certificate, you have the opportunity to earn a valuable credential with less time and tuition – and credits apply directly to your master’s degree1. This stackable model allows you to choose the building-blocks you need to fit your career and earn two credentials in one.

Health services manager points to a policy on a colleague's laptop

Career Opportunities

Graduates of our Health Services Management Certificate program may consider, but are not limited to careers such as:

  • Administrative Services Manager
    Administrative service managers ensure that resources are being properly allocated throughout a care facility. They do this by overseeing other administrative staff to coordinate background tasks like recordkeeping and facility monitoring.

  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
    Regulatory affairs managers work to guarantee that regulations are being met at every level throughout a care facility. They also are responsible for interacting with government officials and inspectors when they arrive at the site.
  • Compliance Manager
    Compliance managers ensure that all billing and record-keeping elements meet government regulations. They also work with cyber security specialists to make the systems secure and provide briefings on the proper transfer of information.

  • Medical and Health Services Managers
    Medical and health services managers are in charge of planning, directing and coordinating the performance of medical services. Depending on the size of the care facility, they may be responsible for a specific department or the entire facility.

Program Courses

ACCT500 Essentials in Accounting, Finance and Economics
HSM541 Health Service Systems
HSM542 Health Rights and Responsibilities
HSM543 Health Services Finance
MGMT591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
MIS540 Innovation Through Technology

FAQs: Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management

Why earn a Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management?

This certificate can help prepare you build the skills needed to stand out to employers. These skills are useful for more than just boosting your career. They can also help you find more effective ways to work, improving the lives of your coworkers and patients at the care facility.

Can I earn a Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management Online?

Absolutely! You can earn your Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management right here at DeVry. A certificate earned online is no different than one that you would earn from in-person classes. You can complete your online Health Services Management Graduate Certificate program in as little as one year.*

* Not including breaks. Assumes year-round, full-time enrollment.

What is Health Services Management?

Health services management is a field of healthcare focused on the management of services being rendered to a patient. It is the act of coordinating and organizing hospital staff to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of care services.

What does a Health Services Manager do?

Health services managers oversee departments or an entire care facility to ensure that care is being provided in an efficient, compliant and timely manner. Larger care facilities tend to have more than one health services manager, usually one for each department. Smaller facilities may have a single manager who oversees everything.

Academic Catalog

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Program Overview

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Academic Catalog

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Program Overview

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1At the time of application to the next credential level, an evaluation of qualifying transfer credit will occur and the most beneficial outcome will be applied. Number of credits and courses vary by program. See catalog for complete details.
Programs vary by location. For specific program details for Pennsylvania, refer to: Pennsylvania catalog

All students enrolled in site-based programs will be required to take some coursework online and, for some programs and locations, a substantial portion of the program may be required to be completed online.