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DeVry keeps a hyper vigilant focus on our curriculum – we regularly make updates to our courses, introduce workshops, and launch new AI courses to offer the most technologically-relevant course content.


As artificial intelligence continues to change the way that we work, DeVry continues to incorporate AI courses into our programs to ensure that our learners have their fingers on the pulse of this rapidly evolving technology.


With programs ranging from Undergraduate Certificates to Master’s programs, the opportunities to stand out in AI are endless.

Classes Start Monday, February 26, 2024

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Analytics & AI Courses

DeVry has a core group of analytics and AI courses that are infused in some of our programs.  These courses provide students with foundational knowledge and skills in data gathering and analysis, while using artificial intelligence to solve business problems and support decision making.


A sampling of these AI courses include:


TECH221 Data-Driven Decision-Making - NEW!
  This course explores essential principles of statistical analysis, as well as effective application of various statistical techniques. Coursework addresses methods for collecting, preparing, analyzing and interpreting data; story-telling and communicating insights; and reporting on data that drives priorities and business decision-making.
TECH408 Applied AI for Management and Technology - NEW!
  This course presents use of data analytics as applied to products and services. Coursework also introduces artificial intelligence tools used in various industry sectors for business decision-making. Ethics and privacy impacts for organizations and society are also explored.
CIS313 AI-Driven Business Application Coding - NEW!
  This course introduces principles of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as machine learning algorithms and tools. Students apply AI and machine learning to design and implement a business solution or environment. Coursework also addresses ethics considerations and responsible practices in AI coding.
SEC313 Applied AI for Cyber Security - NEW!
  This course introduces use of artificial intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity to reinforce cyber threat intelligence to strengthen an organization’s defenses. Also explored is use of AI to support email monitoring, fraud prevention, malware detection, algorithm review and network scanning. Strategies for implementing, evaluating and assessing AI-driven cyber support tools are presented.
BIAM400 Applied Business Analytics
  This course examines use of optimized modeling techniques, including break-even analysis, optimization modeling, sensitivity analysis, linear programming, network models, regression, time series analysis, decision-making under uncertainty and simulation models.
BIAM560 Predictive Analytics
  Students in this course examine exploratory data, and cluster and association analyses, with current and historical facts to make predictions. Also covered are logistic regression, text analytics and decision trees. Managerial issues of how to select models for specific business problems are examined.
CEIS312 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  This course explores algorithms, applications, and careers in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Applications such as the Internet of Things, image processing, robotics, natural language processing, and data analytics are studied.
Featured AI-Integrated Programs at DeVry

Curriculum Driven by AI-Enabled Technologies

At DeVry, we go to great lengths to make sure we’re effectively preparing you to pursue roles in the workplace of tomorrow. Explore technologies that lead the way in some of our AI-Enabled programs.


Shantanu Bose
Ph.D., Provost and Chief Academic Officer, DeVry University
AI is advancing at an exponential pace, impacting every industry and function of our nation's ecomony. As educators, we must help prepare learners for a workforce that is shaped by technology, which is why DeVry's AI Resource Center will focus on evolving our curriculum to reflect the urgent needs of the marketplace.

FAQs: Technology Degree & Tech Programs

What is a technology degree?

A technology degree provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in tech-related fields such as computer forensics, cyber security, database management, software programming and more. At DeVry, our technology degree programs not only teach real-world, hands-on skills, but also provide the conceptual framework to help you think critically and apply your technical understanding across business enterprises.

What is the best degree in technology?

The best technology degree is ultimately the one that aligns with your aspirations and career goals. Thankfully, you have multiple options available when it comes to choosing your technology degree or certificate. We offer technology certificate programs, as well as technology degrees at the associate, bachelor’s and master’s levels.

For beginners who want to explore how systems are networked together, our Associate Degree in Information Technology and Networking can help you build a foundation of new technology skills. If you are further along in your career and wish to expand your skills, you might consider exploring our Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management or our Master’s Degree in Information Technology Management.

What majors are there for technology?

Technology touches virtually every aspect of the workforce and economy today, and consequently there are many degree specializations to choose from. Some focus areas include:

  • Web Development
  • Cyber Security
  • Web Game Programming
  • Medical Technology and Healthcare Systems
  • Renewable Energy and Sustainable Power
  • Machine Learning and Design Techniques
  • And more

A technology degree can provide both the technical and communication skills that can be applied to your career now and in the future.

How long does it take to earn an online technology degree?

The amount of time it takes to earn an online technology degree depends on the program you choose, as well as other factors such as how many courses you take per session. For example, at DeVry you can earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Networking in as little as 2 years and 8 months. Some degree and certificate programs can be completed even more quickly with qualifying transfer credits.

What are some career options in the technology field?

With our on-site or online technology courses, you can prepare for a number of exciting career fields. For example, with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems you can prepare for career options including but not limited to computer programmer, computer security specialist, data analyst and database administrator.

What can I learn in the Technology Area of Study?

These courses within our technology programs span a broad range of topics related to information technology, computer science, network systems and more. Your particular coursework will depend on the field of study you choose as well as any degree specialization you pursue. Examples of core learning areas for technology students can range from database development and analysis, to information systems security, web game development and beyond.

What technology courses are offered at DeVry?

We offer courses in topics such as Introduction to Engineering Technology, Power Electronics and Alternative Energy Applications and Managerial Applications of Information Technology. Our technology courses are designed to help prepare you to pursue a variety of careers. To see a list of all our technology course offerings, along with descriptions, visit our technology courses page.

How will DeVry professors teach my technology courses?

Our technology professors know tech like hardware, software and equipment because they have real-world experience in their area of study. Through a hands-on approach rooted in real-world methods, your professors will give you an in-depth look at what today’s tech professionals need to know.

Are technology degree courses available online?

Yes, all of our technology courses are available online. In fact, our technology degrees and certificate programs can be completed 100% online if you choose to do so.

What IT-related graduate programs does DeVry offer?

We offer master’s degree programs in Information Systems Management, Information Technology Management and Network and Communications Management. We also offer a graduate certificate program in Information Security. Learn more about our graduate programs.

Are programming skills needed in IT?

Many IT roles may require programming skills. For example, one course we offer is Introduction to Programming. In this programming course you will learn about the basics of programming, such as variables, expressions, conditionals and functions. These topics provided foundations in coding and scripting, skills essential in the IT field.

With your computer networking degree, does DeVry take a more hands-on approach or do they focus more on concepts?

Our computer networking degree courses offer a combination of concepts and hands-on learning. For example, our Bachelor’s Degree in Network and Communications Management program at DeVry delves into how to design, build, install and manage data communication systems, as well as how to create backup, security and redundancy measures for sensitive information. Students also gain hands-on experience with IoT, cloud, software and security technologies and systems with our Internet of Things (IoT)-based projects.

What is an IoT Project?

Our Internet of Things (IoT) projects are built into your curriculum, allowing you to get hands-on experience with IoT, cloud, software and security technologies and systems.

If I am taking networking classes from DeVry University, will I be able to receive a complimentary laptop?

The technology programs that qualify for a complimentary laptop2 include:

The laptop is issued during your second session. It’s portable enough to carry to class, powerful enough to run robust applications and intended to optimize your DeVry experience. Best of all, you can use it for all of your classes, not just for your technology courses.

Certain restrictions apply.

For more information and resources on Artificial Intelligence, visit DeVry’s AI Resource Center.

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