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Technology is advancing swiftly. Here at DeVry, we make regular updates to our courses, introduce workshops and launch new programs to ensure that we provide our students with the most current technological information available. Our online courses in the expanding field of artificial intelligence are an example of this commitment.


As AI continues to be a transformational influence on our lives, we continue to incorporate AI courses into our programs to help our students understand how AI and AI tools, machine learning and data analysis are applied across a broad range of industries.


Our analytics and AI course offerings are designed to help adult learners acquire career-focused technical and workplace skills needed to pursue new opportunities in AI.

Analytics & AI Courses

DeVry has a core group of analytics and AI courses that are infused in some of our programs. These courses provide students with foundational knowledge and skills in data gathering and analysis, while using artificial intelligence to solve business problems and support decision-making.


A sampling of these AI courses include:

TECH221 Data-Driven Decision-Making - NEW!
  This course explores essential principles of statistical analysis, as well as effective application of various statistical techniques. Coursework addresses methods for collecting, preparing, analyzing and interpreting data; storytelling and communicating insights; and reporting on data that drives priorities and business decision-making.
TECH408 Applied AI for Management and Technology - NEW!
  This course presents use of data analytics as applied to products and services. Coursework also introduces artificial intelligence tools used in various industry sectors for business decision-making. Ethics and privacy implications for organizations and society are also explored.
CIS313 AI-Driven Business Application Coding - NEW!
  This course introduces principles of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as machine learning algorithms and tools. Students apply AI and machine learning to design and implement a business solution or environment. Coursework also addresses ethics considerations and responsible practices in AI coding.
SEC313 Applied AI for Cyber Security - NEW!
  This course introduces use of artificial intelligence (AI) in cyber security to reinforce cyber threat intelligence to strengthen an organization’s defenses. Also explored is the use of AI to support email monitoring, fraud prevention, malware detection, algorithm review and network scanning. Strategies for implementing, evaluating and assessing AI-driven cyber support tools are presented.
BIAM400 Applied Business Analytics
  This course examines use of optimized modeling techniques, including break-even analysis, optimization modeling, sensitivity analysis, linear programming, network models, regression, time series analysis, decision-making under uncertainty and simulation models.
BIAM560 Predictive Analytics
  Students in this course examine exploratory data, and cluster and association analyses, with current and historical facts to make predictions. Also covered are logistic regression, text analytics and decision trees. Managerial issues of how to select models for specific business problems are examined.
CEIS312 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  This course explores algorithms, applications, and careers in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Applications such as the Internet of Things, image processing, robotics, natural language processing, and data analytics are studied.
Classes Start Monday, July 8, 2024

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Featured AI-Integrated Programs at DeVry

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Curriculum Driven by AI-Enabled Technologies

At DeVry, we go to great lengths to make sure we’re effectively preparing you to pursue roles in the workplace of tomorrow. Explore technologies that lead the way in some of our AI-Enabled programs.


Shantanu Bose
Ph.D., Provost and Chief Academic Officer, DeVry University
AI is advancing at an exponential pace, impacting every industry and function of our nation's ecomony. As educators, we must help prepare learners for a workforce that is shaped by technology, which is why DeVry's AI Resource Center will focus on evolving our curriculum to reflect the urgent needs of the marketplace.

FAQs: AI Courses and Programs

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI), in its simplest definition, is the ability for machines to utilize data to solve problems, spot patterns or make judgments like a human would. It combines computer science with robust datasets to problem-solve or carry out a function. The field encompasses machine learning and deep learning, which are comprised of AI algorithms that make predictions or classifications based on data.

Today the term is used mainly to describe a suite of machine learning-powered technologies that let computers process voice commands, generate text, drive cars, analyze data and write computer code, among other things.

What careers use artificial intelligence?

AI is being used in a broad range of industries including healthcare, retail, finance, transportation and manufacturing to automate tasks, find useful data patterns, increase production output and contribute to the improvement of all kinds of systems and operations.

How can I start studying AI?

Studying AI can include a wide range of things. You can take part in bootcamps, online courses, and study statistics, math, and programming by learning coding languages like Python. Exploring data science and manipulation, machine learning and how to use AI tools and frameworks would also be important.

Enrolling in academic programs with AI-integrated coursework, like those available at DeVry could also be a step in the right direction. At DeVry, our Bachelor’s Degree with a Specialization in Big Data and Analytics can give you experience with some online AI courses, as well as classes that can help you gain an understanding of how data mining, predictive analytics and machine learning tools influence change and drive decision-making in today’s Internet of Things economy.

Our online Undergraduate Certificate Program in Engineering Technology is another option for pursuing an education with AI-integration at DeVry. Coursework in devices, operating systems, programming, networking and security are designed to help you gain fundamental knowledge of engineering principles, IT and systems automation, and build skills to support the maintenance, installation and testing of automated, computer-based systems.

In addition to the flexibility of 100% online learning, this certificate program allows you to choose from 4 industry-focused specializations, in Machine Learning and Design Techniques, Medical Technologies and Healthcare Systems, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Power, or a General Option.

With stacking credentials, if you choose to advance your education, eligible credits earned in this certificate program can be applied toward a qualifying DeVry associate and bachelor’s degree program.1

Can you take AI courses online?

You certainly can! The online AI courses in certificate and degree programs at DeVry can be taken 100% online, helping you balance your commitment to education with work, family and other aspects of your busy life.

What are the benefits of taking AI courses?

Making the effort to become familiar with an emerging technology that continues to make an impact in our lives is indeed beneficial. As more and more AI becomes integrated with our lived experience (chatbots, automated assistants, self-driving cars, etc.), gaining an understanding of how AI is being developed and utilized is not only interesting for how it can potentially impact your life, but can help you see how it’s being integrated in various industries and what that means for technology of the future.

For more information and resources on Artificial Intelligence, visit DeVry’s AI Resource Center.

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1At the time of application to the next credential level, an evaluation of qualifying transfer credit will occur and the most beneficial outcome will be applied. Future programmatic changes could impact the application of credits to a future program. Refer to the academic catalog for details.