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You have a group of talented team members that have the potential to advance into powerful leaders. But their career path might not be as clear to them as it is to you. The result: reactive workforce development strategies. When it comes to future leaders, they’re ambitious and looking for learning pathways that deliver career progression—show them the way.

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Are Organizations Truly Embracing DEI?

By Scarlett Howery

DeVry University's Scarlett Howery explains how organizations can better embrace diversity, equity and inclusion to create a shared sense of belonging.

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3 Skills Your Technology Team Is Missing Today

By William Phillips

In today’s world, if you’re in business, you’re likely in the technology business. No matter what your industry or specific product or service might be, odds are technology is an important part of how you drive revenue and maintain your competitive edge.

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3 Steps to Help Your Accounting and Finance Team Focus on Strategy

By Lenore Goldberg

These three steps can provide you with the tools needed to support your team and give them the ability to focus on strategic initiatives crucial for long-term growth, productivity, and even retention.

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Get the Skills to Elevate Your Team

When we talk skills, we mean current, iterative learning pathways. These pathways are shaped proactively based on your team’s succession plan. They combine digital, interpersonal and role-specific courses to help mold versatile leaders. We work directly with department heads across various industries and company sizes. Take a look at how we might support your team:

Current and Future Leader Development

Your succession plan is your workforce development roadmap. Don’t have a succession plan? Not a problem. We can help guide you through the process and create benchmarks and milestones along the way. We’ll also help infuse your plan with levers to lift your underrepresented talent. Explore how we bring these approaches to your workforce development plan.

Current and Future Leaders

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Succession Planning

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Reskilling and Upskilling

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Advancing DEI

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The DeVryWorks Difference

No matter what industry or department you’re in, you need engaged, diverse talent with future-ready skills to keep your business growing and innovative. Our consultants can help you analyze your team’s skills gaps, create succession plans and build learning pathways leveraging your workforce development plan—so your future leaders shine as bright as your vision.

Let us show you why DeVryWorks can help make a difference.

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