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AI Resource Center

Exploring Artificial Intelligence

Empowering Minds, Innovating Tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence’s potential is rewriting the future, promising innovations that were once confined to the realm of science fiction.

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

Exploring the Digital Realm with DeVry’s Artificial Intelligence Resource Center

DeVry’s AI Resource Center stands at the center of our innovative, technology-focused higher education institution, offering a wide variety of resources that fuel our learners’ educational journeys.

To help transform academic potential into academic performance and advanced learner ambition, DeVry is reinforcing its commitment to helping to close the opportunity gap by providing an education tailored to address the needs of an AI-driven workplace with its academic focused Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab. DeVry’s AI Lab will seek to understand which professional skills are necessary for an AI-driven workplace, how to prepare for a successful career amidst the unprecedented disruption of jobs, and ultimately inform DeVry’s curriculum, learner experience, and career services.

AI Heritage and Mission

Technology is everywhere and it’s changing the way we work – and it's a skill set you may need to stay ahead.

For over 90 years, DeVry has been enabling students with tech-forward skills, building the foundation for a higher education experience where technological change is infused into all our courses and hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. At the forefront of these technological advances and skill-focused learning is Artificial Intelligence.

With a mission to empower the next generation of AI leaders, the AI Resource Center presents an array of tools, software, and hardware that are provided to students to explore the future of AI. Our programs will continue to progress technologically as Artificial Intelligence does.

Leading the Way for Our Learners

Artificial Intelligence is creating exciting impacts on our lives at a rapid pace – from the way we communicate to the way we do business and beyond.

In 2020, DeVry began preparing for the AI boom that is taking place now, infusing technologies and courses, such as “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”, into some of our programs to provide our learners with the advantages they’ll need to prepare to become the future tech leaders of tomorrow.

As of July 2023, DeVry is educating nearly 2,000 students in Engineering Technology programs.

Explore Our AI-Focused Programs and Courses

To stay in sync with the pulse of AI, DeVry keeps a hyper vigilant focus on our curriculum– we regularly make updates to our courses, introduce workshops, and launch new courses to offer the most technologically-relevant course content.

In our Undergraduate Certificate or Associate in Engineering Technology Programs, you can explore a Machine Learning and Design Techniques Specialization. In our Bachelor Degree in Technical Management or MBA with a Specialization in Business Intelligence and Analytics Management Programs, you will discover courses that have AI technologies and or concepts. 

From programs ranging from Undergraduate Certificates to Master’s programs, the opportunities to stand out in AI are endless. 

Explore a sampling of AI enabled courses that are infused in our programs:

CIS313 AI-Driven Business Application Coding - NEW!
  This course introduces principles of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as machine learning algorithms and tools. Students apply AI and machine learning to design and implement a business solution or environment. Coursework also addresses ethics considerations and responsible practices in AI coding. 
BIAM400 Applied Business Analytics
  This course examines use of optimized modeling techniques, including break-even analysis, optimization modeling, sensitivity analysis, linear programming, network models, regression, time series analysis, decision-making under uncertainty and simulation models.
BIAM560 Predictive Analytics
  Students in this course examine exploratory data, and cluster and association analyses, with current and historical facts to make predictions. Also covered are logistic regression, text analytics and decision trees. Managerial issues of how to select models for specific business problems are examined.
SEC313 Applied AI for Cyber Security - NEW!
  This course introduces use of artificial intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity to reinforce cyber threat intelligence to strengthen an organization’s defenses. Also explored is use of AI to support email monitoring, fraud prevention, malware detection, algorithm review and network scanning. Strategies for implementing, evaluating and assessing AI-driven cyber support tools are presented.
CEIS312 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  This course explores algorithms, applications, and careers in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Applications such as the Internet of Things, image processing, robotics, natural language processing, and data analytics are studied.
HIT220 Legal and Regulatory Issues in Health Information
  Legal and regulatory issues in healthcare are pursued, with emphasis on their application to healthcare information services and documentation of care. Students explore the rights and responsibilities of providers, employees, payers and patients in a healthcare context. Legal terminology pertaining to civil liability and the judicial and legislative processes is covered. Laws and regulations addressing release of information and retention of records are examined, as are the legal and regulatory issues surrounding confidentiality of information.

Curriculum Driven by AI-Enabled Technologies

At DeVry, we go to great lengths to make sure we’re effectively preparing you to pursue roles in the workplace of tomorrow. Explore technologies that lead the way in our AI-Enabled programs.


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Next Level of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Healthcare Careers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have taken Data Science and Analytics to a new level. In the medical field, AI and ML are bringing a new set of tools to doctors and healthcare professionals, which are increasingly aiding to diagnose patients, read images, allocate hospital beds, and design applications with electronic health records.

Learn through examples of how AI and ML are being used to help more accurate diagnosis of malignant melanoma and diabetic retinopathy, as they can increase accuracy and efficiency of healthcare professionals. Dr. Arnot will also talk about what it takes to get started in this exciting field of AI and healthcare, and how to use AI in your current career.