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Take the Next Step in Your Career
Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

Career Resources To Build Confidence and Support Professional Goals

Our Career Advisors help you identify and highlight your key strengths and skills, polish your résumé, refine your LinkedIn profile and so much more. Start your journey today and let it carry you through life.

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

It’s time to move your career forward. We can help. Take the next step toward your future, and learn about career resources available to you at DeVry.

Why DeVry?

Career Service Benefits and Online Resources

Our focus is on your career success and ensures that you get hands-on guidance to help you step confidently into your future career. Our advisors provide a wide range of services that support our students and alumni. Benefits include:

Career Planning Resources
Career Exploration

Explore career paths that align with your interests, skills and passions beyond your degree program.

Career Advancement Guidance

Start planning your career now with the guidance of our career advisors. It's never too early to take the next step towards your future.

CliftonStrengths® Assessment

When you know your strengths, you know how to create a dynamic professional story for an employer. When you work with DeVry Career Services you can take the CliftonStrengths® Assessment to understand your top 5 strengths and be ready to answer the interview question “Tell me about yourself” again.

One-to-One Career Coaching
Career Advising

Meet one-on-one with a certified career advisor who is trained in helping individuals like you stand out in today’s competitive hiring landscape. They are always here to help you take your career development to the next level.

Résumé Writing

Gain valuable insights to help prepare you and your résumé to stand out to potential employers with input from our dedicated career advisors.

Personal Branding

Discover what sets you apart. Stand out to employers with our help. Find your unique value proposition with our guidance.

Job Search Strategies

Improve your job search with our resources. Whether you're just starting or already searching, we provide creative approaches, tips and advice to boost your efficiency. 

Salary Negotiation

Discover effective salary negotiation strategies. Our tips and tactics will help you navigate the conversation.

Build Your Network
Opportunities To Connect With Employers Actively Recruiting

Using our resources, you'll have opportunities to explore organizations that not only match your career aspirations but are also actively recruiting.

Virtual Employer Events

Participate in networking events right from the comfort of your living room and meet employers who are looking for great candidates like you. Use these events to practice your networking and interviewing skills in a live virtual setting and learn more about open opportunities with organizations nationwide.

Networking Tips and Opportunities

Boost your professional success by building a strong network of connections. Work with our career advisors to get expert tips and discover opportunities near you. Start building your future today. 


Elevate your job search, connect with your professional network and showcase your résumé with LinkedIn. Unsure of where to start? Let our team lend a hand.

Access to Job Listings

Discover job opportunities in your chosen field through our career services and resources. We can help you access relevant job postings and find a role that aligns with your interests through our internal job board and search engine.

Career Guidance

Online Resources

Get online career direction anytime by logging in to HireDeVry 2.0, a self-guided platform that leads you through the various stages of career development. Available 24/7, HireDeVry 2.0 features: 

  • Career resources based on DeVry’s programs of study 

  • Internships and job leads from DeVry’s nationwide network of employer partners 

  • Information on upcoming events, including virtual career fairs and job search 

Career Assessment Resources

Assess Your Aptitude for Different Careers

Taking stock of your interests and aptitudes can be a valuable exercise. We recommend the following online career assessment resources: 

Free Assessments

Sokanu Website

Visit the Sokanu website to understand your interests and strengths when considering what careers may be a great fit for you as an individual.

Human Metrics Assessment

Tap into the Human Metrics Assessment to take advantage of thought-provoking insights into your skills, aptitudes, interests, strengths, etc.

Fee Required

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment

The popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment, which is used worldwide, can help you understand your personality type. This knowledge, and how it applies to a potential workplace, can result in better communication, more effective teams and more satisfied employees and customers.


TypeFocus is a career aptitude test that helps identify personality strengths and how they correlate with specific career fields.

MAPP Assessment

MAPP is a unique assessment that helps identify your educational and career potential. Results are delivered directly to your email address.