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Academic Quality at DeVry University

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Committed to an Empowering Education

We believe in an education centered around your priorities and journey. DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management have a long history of providing quality and innovation in higher education, evolving our programs and approach to be more relevant to what matters to you. We have helped students earn certificates, Associate, Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in a variety of fields for more than 85 years.

DeVry University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC), a national agency that accredits U.S. colleges and universities at the institutional level. That’s important. Important to you—and important when you’re interviewing for a job, going for a promotion, or applying to graduate school.

Laying the Groundwork for Academic Quality

The rigors of academic coursework, funding a college education and fitting studies into a full and busy life are just a few hurdles many students—especially non-traditional students—face when they pursue a degree. At DeVry, we are committed to helping students succeed by providing accessible education that includes ongoing support and student services.


Measuring and Improving Academic Quality

In our online and on-campus classrooms across the country, we want to foster an environment that encourages our students to become lifelong learners and valuable professionals. The success of our students is directly linked to the strength of our curriculum, learning methods and faculty. In addition, student services outside the classroom, such as academic advising and career guidance, play a major role in helping students complete their degree program and explore future careers options after graduation.

Transfer Course Credit

We want to ensure you get the credit you deserve. That’s why you can transfer qualifying credits from another college toward earning a DeVry associate or bachelor’s degree. Additionally, eligible transfer students can help pay for your education with the Future-Ready Transfer Scholarship.

Undergraduate Alumni Tuition Savings

If you’re a DeVry or Keller Graduate School of Management Graduate, you may be eligible for 15% tuition savings while studying in a qualifying undergraduate certificate, associate or bachelor’s program at DeVry. Request info to learn more.

The Five Tenets of Academic Quality

Advances in Curriculum and Innovation

Technology shapes our interactions with the world and the classroom. Under this tenet, we advance our curriculum by evaluating the newest technologies as tools to deliver learning experiences to our students. This includes:

  • Learning Methodologies

    From industry-proven tools and software in courses to connected classroom technology on several campuses, our learning methodologies help create a dynamic, student-centered, active and experiential learning environment, and foster the life skills necessary in a global environment.

  • Library Resources and Information Literacy

    The DeVry University Learning Commons offers a comprehensive range of learning resources and tools, and a strategic approach to information literacy. During a course of study and through reference services like Ask-a-Librarian, students are provided with instruction in information literacy and opportunities to practice finding and using information.

  • Tutoring and Online Academic Support

    Take advantage of Tutor.com1 to receive 1-on-1 assistance. Our tutors are there whenever you need help!

Student Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes specify what students should be able to do as a result of what they have learned. We collect data to measure student learning outcomes across their educational journey. Through a systematic cycle of assessment, we can make timely improvements that support students in reaching their educational and career goals:

  • Program Assessment

    We use standardized assessments in general education and in business programs to measure the knowledge, analytical and problem-solving skills gained by students in their field of study. Course Level Assessments also help us measure gains in learning and evaluate skills in applying specific course knowledge. We use this information to make continuous improvements to the curriculum.

  • Student Persistence and Graduation

    To help students follow through with their educational journey, we carefully measure persistence and graduation rates and work to improve them. By investing in support programs, we strive to help and support every student to make it to graduation.

Faculty Development and Engagement

Faculty members are at the heart of our institution, and they often engage in meaningful activities that have an impact in their field and in the classroom. This highlights how faculty members engage with students; collaborate with each other and their larger academic communities and connect with the world around them. This includes:

  • Faculty Development

    Long known for industry experience, and an ability to provide students with real-world practices from the field, our professors are also academicians who are passionate about teaching. In recent years, DeVry has made significant progress in strengthening the role that our faculty members have in maintaining academic quality.

  • Investment in Growth and Development

    DeVry supports faculty to advance their academic credentials. In addition, our faculty chair position, annual faculty symposia and DeVry University Journal of Scholarly Research create opportunities for faculty development and promotion.

  • Evaluation and Assessment

    DeVry students provide ongoing feedback about our faculty, programs, services and classroom settings. Through student satisfaction measurement tools, such as Net Promoter Score assessments, we can determine the quality of our courses and programs.

Student Care and Experience

One way we show care for students is by offering personal support from application to graduation and beyond. Another way is by providing career advising that help students build their professional portfolios. This tenet highlights how we customize levels of support to help students reach their goals:

  • Student Support

    Our goal is to continuously enhance the quality of services and the education we deliver to our students. A key student support tool, StudentLinc, provides counseling services to students and their families at no additional cost.

  • Clubs and Competitions

    We create opportunities for students to participate in industry related clubs and competitions to stretch their academic knowledge. By networking with peers and participating in industry events, students hone their skills and obtain a wealth of experience that enhances their portfolios.

Student Engagement to Graduation and Beyond

Graduation day is a significant milestone for our students, as a career-focused university, it is simply the beginning of a new chapter in our relationship with them. This tenet reflects our engagement with alumni and our ability to provide them with career services support:

  • Career Services

    Our career services advisors help students by working with them to develop career readiness plans and provide tools that will support their success.

  • Alumni Community and Engagement

    We have a full-scale alumni engagement plan that includes the DeVry University and Keller Alumni Association, a bi-yearly alumni survey and active social media engagement. We use the feedback from the survey to improve our initiatives to students and alumni, and foster a community of thriving lifelong learners.

1Each student is allotted 13 hours of tutoring per academic session through (available 24/7). Additional tutoring services are also available through