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Bachelor's Degree in Business

Business Programs Built for Today's Marketplace

Prepare for the business world and gain confidence by earning a Bachelor’s in Business from DeVry University. You can study fields such as accounting, finance, marketing and more. Choose from our many undergraduate business degrees, including accounting, business administration, management or technical management and discover the variety of career paths business degree holders can pursue.

A Bachelor's Degree in Business can help you build the necessary skills to compete in today's business world. Gain hands-on experience from our knowledgeable professors and explore up-to-date case studies and practical approaches to help prepare yourself for the job market. Pursue your degree with our online business courses or enroll in our online/on-campus hybrid format, whichever works best for you.

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

Earn your Bachelor's Degrees in Business in as little as 2 years + 8 months*—or even more quickly with qualifying transfer credits.

*Not including breaks. Assumes year-round, full-time enrollment.


Get to Know Our Bachelor's in Business

Work toward learning the skills you need to succeed in the business world, including communication, collaboration, problem-solving and more. Learn through hands-on exposure to crucial business fundamentals and in-depth studies in your chosen specialization.

At the end of your undergraduate business degree program, you’ll have the chance to apply all of this knowledge in a comprehensive senior project. Learn more about our bachelor’s in business degree program options as well as the specializations you can choose from by reading the following descriptions.

Business Administration

Discover the Bachelor's in Business Administration. This program covers data analysis, principles of economics and more to help you build the skills you need to pursue a career in business administration. Learn about how administrative functions keep businesses running smoothly by increasing departmental efficiencies and building intuitive systems of organization.

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Enroll in our Bachelor's in Management to learn how to lead business improvement efforts or manage innovation initiatives for an organization. Learn about the skills that can help you become a future business professional, focused on building effective systems that foster success and employee growth.

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Technical Management

Explore our Bachelor's in Technical Management that incorporates business administration, technology and more. See how proper implementation of new technologies drives business success in the 21st century through this future-focused bachelor's degree program.

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Choose a Bachelor's in Accounting to help build the skills needed for work with finance and related areas like budget analysis, audits or forensic accounting. Learn accounting practices that can drive results for businesses by providing an accurate picture of expenses and profitability.

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Accreditation Matters

DeVry University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC), www.hlcommission.org. The accreditation process provides assurance that standards have been met in areas such as curriculum, faculty and student support. So you can expect a quality education from a credible university.

FAQs: Business

What is a business degree?

A bachelor's degree in business helps you gain an understanding of common business practices and tasks. Business degree programs typically have a specialization, such as management, accounting or finance, but some provide general coverage of all business topics to allow graduates the ability to pursue roles in nearly any field.

In recent years, business has become the most popular major in the United States. This is likely due to the versatility of business degrees. Virtually every company requires at least some business practices in order to operate effectively. This can help give business graduates a unique adaptability, allowing them to pursue a greater amount of job opportunities or explore a particular passion.

What business programs are offered at DeVry?

At DeVry, we offer four options for earning a business degree at the Bachelor’s level, giving you a wide variety of paths to choose from. These include:

Business Administration
Business Management
Technical Management

Does DeVry offer any scholarships or grants?

We offer a variety of potential scholarships and tuition savings options for students interested in pursuing a bachelor's in business, including our Business Edge Scholarship. In addition, there are outside scholarships and grants that you may be eligible to receive. For additional details on scholarships and grants, visit our scholarship and grants page or contact us to speak with one of our Student Support Advisors.

Are hybrid classes available for business degrees?

Yes, almost all of our degree programs are offered in a hybrid format, meaning you can take some business classes online and some business courses on-site at one of our  locations. This offers you in-person interaction with your professor and classmates as well as the flexibility to study when and where you want with our online courses. Should you choose to, you can also earn your degree 100% online.

What can you do with a business degree?

A business degree can help you pursue opportunities for your future. As a general degree path, business programs at DeVry can help you build skills that can be utilized across a wide variety of professions, industries and job types.

You can also hone your skills in a specific area of study, such as project management or human resource management, by choosing a degree specialization. This can help you better position yourself for opportunities in a designated area of business.

What classes will I have to take for a business degree?

To acquire a business degree at DeVry you will need to take a mix of business, management, accounting, marketing and project management courses. Those who choose to specialize in a single area, such as accounting, will take more classes in their specialization.

How long does it take to get a business degree?

At DeVry you can obtain a bachelor's degree in business in as little as two years and eight months.1 If you have qualifying transfer credits, you may be able to acquire your degree even faster.

Is it hard to earn a business degree?

Earning a business degree takes hard work and dedication, but achieving your goal is well within reach at DeVry. We do everything in our power to make earning a bachelor's in business as straightforward as possible.

We offer the following tools to help you:

  • Online and on-campus courses
  • 24/7 tutoring2
  • One-on-one faculty guidance
  • E-library access
  • DeVry's mobile app
  • StudentLinc Student Assistance program
  • Career services support
  • A student community powered by GetSet

Is it worth it to get a business degree?

We think so! A business degree can help pave the way toward your goals by equipping you with the skills you need to pursue new career opportunities both in the business sector and beyond. In addition, information from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows that the entry-level education required for many business and finance positions is a bachelor’s degree.

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*This amount will be determined based on prevailing tuition rates at the time funds are awarded.
1Not including breaks. Assumes year-round, full-time enrollment.
2Each student is allotted 13 hours of tutoring per academic session through www.Tutor.com (available 24/7). Additional tutoring services are also available through www.DeVryTutors.com.