Surviving and Finding a New Business Strategy in the COVID Era

This video is designed for those who may be owners of small to mid-sized businesses or anyone interested in learning about strategies businesses have started to implement during COVID-19. It will also cover challenges that business owners may be dealing with today. Additionally, Dr. Abu-Ghallous will discuss how one may develop a business strategy and provide you with real-world examples of the challenges that companies faced and what they did in response to the pandemic. For more business-related visit our courses page.

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LENGTH: 14 minutes

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Surviving and Finding New Opportunities in the Era of the Coronavirus Video

What You'll Learn

This course will look at the strategies businesses have been implementing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This skill-building video is designed for small and mid-sized business owners, and anyone interested in developing a new business strategy in the COVID era.

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About Dr. Issam Abu-Ghallous

Dr. Abu-Ghallous earned a BA in Business Administration from Bethlehem University in Palestine, an MBA from Lewis University, and a Ph.D. in International Development, with emphasis on economic development from the University of Southern Mississippi. With 10+ years if work experience in corporate accounting, finance, and financial systems development.

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