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DeVry has been offering online education for the last 20 years to help students pursue their personal and professional goals, and we continue to do so through these challenging times. Whether you’re unemployed or looking to advance in your field, upskilling and reskilling has become an urgent priority for many Americans. To answer that call, in addition to our online courses and hybrid courses, we've released a complimentary Skills-Building Video Series that empowers students and professionals to develop and enhance highly sought-after, practical work skills1 for today's difficult economy.

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You’re never too busy to achieve your goals. Our online classes meet you where you are—home, work or on-the-go. Learn more about our flexible options.

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Choose from hundreds of hybrid and online college courses offered at DeVry and Keller. Whether you’re looking to get into a new career field or wanting to enhance your skills for professional growth opportunities, we have the tech-empowered, career-focused online college classes for you.

Hybrid and College Courses FAQs

How do online college classes work?

Online college classes are all about helping you reach your education goals and work toward the future you want. They allow you to complete coursework and assignments anywhere, anytime to accommodate your busy schedule.

At DeVry, we make sure you’re set up for success from the start. You’ll take your online college courses through our custom online learning platform, which also offers built-in planning and calendar tools to keep you on track and organized. In addition, our online college classes emphasize interaction and engagement. You’ll have the opportunity to take part in regular online discussions and collaborate on group projects with classmates. Professors support you by connecting with you during class discussions and they’re available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the course, either during class or one-on-one during office hours.

What are hybrid college classes?

Hybrid college classes blend traditional in-class instruction with online learning, providing opportunities for both throughout the course. They’re a great option for working adults who want the flexibility of digital learning but also like the familiar experience of on campus support.

At DeVry, many of our programs can be completed 100% online or in a hybrid format. When enrolling in a hybrid format, you’ll take some classes on campus and other classes online. You can choose the experience that best suits your schedule and learning preferences. You’ll also be able to change formats any time during your program.

What are the benefits of online classes and hybrid classes?

Online college courses and hybrid classes are all about helping you pursue your goals and prepare for what’s next as you navigate your busy schedule. Both let you work toward targeted education goals while balancing work, family and personal obligations.

Whether you want a purely remote experience or choose a blend of online and on campus classes, you’ll get the same level of excellence in education you’d get from traditional in-person instruction.

At DeVry, we focus on helping you achieve your goals whatever the format. With online college classes, you’ll still have the opportunity to network and collaborate with peers and faculty regularly. Other benefits of taking online or hybrid college classes with us include:

  • Personalized support.
  • An education focused on real-world skills.
  • Efficient progress toward your goals with classes starting every eight weeks and classes that run year-round.
  • Access to dedicated Career Services support to help you explore job possibilities.

Why choose an online education?

Online classes can mean flexible schedules and time saved by not having to commute, but it’s not only the convenience that makes them appealing. With online college courses, you can learn vital career skills and work toward earning a degree tailored to your goals.

At DeVry, we offer many online programs through which you can earn a certificate, associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree. You have access to a wide array of course topics, giving you more options for learning. For example, we offer online and hybrid classes in the following fields:

  • Technology
  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Liberal Arts
  • Media Arts

Find answers to common questions about our programs in our online learning FAQ guide.

Complimentary Skill Building Videos

Demand for technical skills continues to rise, with data analysis, coding, and software development topping the lists of skills requested in recent job postings2. Responding to these trends, DeVry has developed a series of targeted, self-paced videos, led by distinguished faculty members that dive into some of today’s in-demand technology and business skills. These include coding with Python, data analytics, IOT fundamentals and even enhancing Excel skills for business. Watch these skill-building videos to help build professional and technology-oriented skills.

Technology Skills

Deep Learning in Medicine

with Dr. Bob Arnot
Applications within the healthcare industry are rapidly changing and evolving as new technology emerges. Watch this video to learn more about how deep learning techniques and models can be applied in the healthcare industry.

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Tools and Platforms for Machine Learning in Healthcare

with Dr. Bob Arnot
This video will provide you with an overview of machine learning in our healthcare system. Dr. Arnot will teach you how to leverage various databases to establish a core framework for machine learning in healthcare.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare

with Dr. Bob Arnot
If you're interested in how medicine and technology can work together to take data science and analytics to a new level, consider this skill-building video on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

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Application of Machine Learning with Python

with Dr. Genevieve Marie Isabelle Sapijaszko
Machine learning in Python will help provide you an overview of how to utilize machine learning. Specifically, this video series walks through a machine learning classification system to identify types of flowers.
No prior coding or hardware knowledge is required.

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Cybersecurity Basics

with Alan Rynarzewski
Cybersecurity is about protecting internet-connected systems from possible cyber threats. This video series dives into understanding and practicing good cybersecurity, including seeing how to exploit a known flaw. This video is perfect for individuals with interest and/or knowledge in basic IT.

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Data Analytics with Power BI

with Dr. Gina Cooper
Power BI is Microsoft’s Business Intelligence tool used for data analytics tasks. This video covers the overall data analysis process using Power BI.

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Data Visualization in Python with Matplotlib

with Dr. Natalie Waksmanski-Krynski
This video on data visualization with Python covers how to create the most commonly used plots and shows a relevant real-world application. Please note that this video is geared towards learners who have prior experience with Python and utilizes Jupyter Notebooks.

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Data Wrangling in Python Using Pandas

with Dr. Natalie Waksmanski-Krynski
If seeking efficiencies when analyzing massive amounts of information to make data-driven decisions, understanding Python using Pandas my help. View this skill-builder video to learn how to wrangle data for improved data visualization. Please note that this video is geared towards learners who have prior experience with Python and are eager to learn more about data cleansing and data analysis.

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Internet Protocol (IP) Address Basics and Network Utilities

with Dr. Jingdi (Rebecca) Zeng
Expand your knowledge about network connections. This video demonstrates how to use four common network utility programs to discover and troubleshoot network address and network route issues.

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Machine Learning with Pytorch

with Dr. Gina Cooper
To help make decisions or predictions based on large sets of data, users turn to machine learning with Pytorch. Viewers should have a familiarity with Python.

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Programming with Python

with Dr. Gina Cooper
A high-level programming language, Python can be used for business applications, data analytics, web development and data analytics. Complete this video series for a basic understanding of Python Programming.

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Simulating an IoT Home Security System with Tinkercad

with Dr. Natalie Waksmanski-Krynski
As more companies begin to embrace automation for efficiencies, they’re leaning on The Internet of Things, also known as IoT. If you’re interested in the mechanics behind IoT, such as how to wire components together and program them, we’ll do just that in this video series.

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Web Scraping with Python

with Dr. Ed Hill
Watch this video series for an introduction to web scraping using Python and the BeautifulSoup and Selenium libraries. Upskill your knowledge of data analytics programs with this self-paced video series.

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Business Skills

COVID-19 Business Toolkit Series - Managing Business Financials

with Dr. Sean T. Wright
The purpose of this short course is to examine tools and tips to help businesses navigate through the financial distress of the current COVID-19 crisis and to also prepare for future threats. Examine tools and tips to help businesses navigate through the financial distress of the current Covid-19 crisis. Who should take? Small Business Owners or someone working in a small business.

This video is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be financial or legal advice. The information provided in this video is of a general nature and does not address the specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity. Please seek guidance from qualified financial and legal professionals regarding your specific situation.

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How to Find Loans and Grants for Your Business During COVID-19

with Dr. Wendy Finlay
Businesses may be experiencing financial hardship as we all navigate the new COVID-19 impacted landscape. In about 30 minutes, Dr. Wendy Finlay provides options for small business owners to possibly obtain specific public and private financial assistance opportunities available for a variety of businesses and organizations.

This video is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be financial or legal advice. The information provided in this video is of a general nature and does not address the specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity. Please seek guidance from qualified financial and legal professionals regarding your specific situation.

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Enhance Your Excel Skills for Business Success

with Dr. Ellen Jones and Professor Roxanne Wittkamp
Do you use Excel throughout your workday, or do you hope to improve your Excel skills? Work through this video series that provides step-by-step instructions on how to improve your Microsoft Excel proficiency.

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Surviving and Finding a New Business Strategy in the COVID Era

with Dr. Issam Abu-Ghallous
This video covers business strategies and techniques that companies have started incorporating in response to COVID-19.

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Additional Details

  • These online, self-paced short videos are non-credit bearing, avocational and not part of a DeVry University or Keller Graduate School of Management program of study.
  • These short videos are provided to help you develop or enhance your skills. Completion of these videos does not lead to employment.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Courses

DeVry offers courses that are focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) to help empower future leaders. Whether you’re taking individual courses or pursuing an Associate or Bachelor’s degree program, complete a DE&I course and receive a digital badge to show your commitment to DE&I!


Not ready to dive into a degree program just yet? At DeVry and Keller you have the option to start with a certificate that can stack into a degree program should you choose to continue your education.

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