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Management and Business Courses

The world is faster-paced and more connected than ever before. So, today's business and management professionals need to be prepared for a more complex global economy. DeVry's business and management courses have a strong theoretical foundation while applying modern, practical approaches to issues found in the modern workplace. Throughout your coursework, you can tackle current case studies, the latest tools and practical real-world scenarios to reach informed business solutions. Our classes include topics related to business administration, marketing, human resources (HR), management, finance and much more. With DeVry, you'll be empowered to take your next step in business.

Classes Start Monday, July 8, 2024

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Business and Management Course Questions

What is a business management course?

Business management courses teach foundational skills for running or managing a business. Management courses cover topics like business administration, finance, project management, marketing and employee management. Courses may focus on broad knowledge and skills or take a more in-depth look at key topics within the field. Online business courses and online management courses are powerful options for learning skills that can help organizations innovate and thrive in a competitive global marketplace.

How long is a business management course?

Business management courses can vary in length depending on your school or program. While many schools operate on semester-based schedules, our courses at DeVry begin every 8 weeks, allowing you to tackle one or two courses at a time while balancing your other work, family and personal commitments.

Are online business courses worth it?

We think so! Online business courses can be a great way to advance your education while balancing your busy life. Some benefits of online business courses can include:

  • Having the flexibility to study on your own schedule.
  • Gaining hands-on knowledge that you can apply to your current or future jobs.
  • Classes that start every 8 weeks, so you can begin when it’s convenient for you.
  • The potential to qualify for higher-level roles and opportunities once you earn your certificate or degree.
  • The ability to gain skills in a wide array of business topics such as project management, finance, leadership and marketing.
  • The ability to apply your knowledge and skills to a wide variety of industries.
  • The opportunity to network with professors and peers around the country.

How can online business courses help my career?

Online business courses can be a great way to develop knowledge and skills that can help you adapt to an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Through our courses, you’ll increase your understanding of business fundamentals and dive into key areas such as budgeting, forecasting, project management, management principles and marketing. These skills may apply to your current role or may help you as you pursue new opportunities that align with your personal goals.

What are synchronous and asynchronous online classes?

Yes. A master’s degree can be a good way to stay competitive in today’s changing business landscape. And the flexibility of online learning makes it an effective choice for earning a degree on your own schedule.

At DeVry, our Keller Graduate School of Management offers a wide range of online master’s degrees to match your education goals. Earn a specialized degree in Human Resource Management, Public Administration or Project Management, or pursue an MBA focused on your area of interest – for example, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems Management, Marketing or Global Supply Chain Management.

These options and more are all available through online or hybrid learning.

*Courses marked with an asterisk (*) require successful completion of required math and English transitional studies courses. Required transitional studies coursework may affect program length and cost.
^Courses marked with a caret (^) are licensed in New Jersey; students whose enrolled location is in New Jersey may enroll in these courses in the onsite, online and blended modalities.
+LEAD courses may be used for use toward program electives. Please see academic catalog for program information.
Note: To enroll in a course with a corequisite, students must have either successfully completed the corequisite course during a prior session or concurrently enroll in the corequisite course.