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How Can an MBA Help in IT Careers?

By DeVry University

April 19, 2021
4 min read

If you're wondering if it’s a smart move to earn an MBA for an IT career, you’ll be excited to know that an MBA is just one of many tools that you can leverage as you pursue your goals. Whether you’re looking to advance your technology skills or learn new ones, earning this type of graduate degree may help you develop skills that can help you stand out to both your current and potential employers.

In this article, we'll explore some of the ways that earning an MBA degree can help you facilitate a career change, as well as some of the information technology career opportunities you might be able to consider in the following sections:

Benefits of Earning an MBA for an IT Career

Earning a technology-focused MBA degree may provide several potential benefits for your IT career. As with any graduate-level degree, it adds a higher credential to your resume, but an MBA is more than just a resume builder — it can help you develop skills that you can immediately put to work in today’s modern workplace. Here are just a few of the positive effects that earning an MBA may have on your IT career:

  • Improved tech literacy:

    Enrolling in a tech-enhanced MBA program can give you hands-on experience with new technologies. Building your capabilities with these technologies can help you improve your confidence and help you develop new hard skills such as implementing and maintaining computer networks, upgrading information systems and deploying new software.

  • Greater communication skills:

    During your time in an MBA program, you'll not only work on business administration skills, but you'll also have opportunities to work in collaborative environments and improve your communication skills.

  • Leadership abilities:

    MBA programs are designed to help you build your leadership and management skills. Learning leadership strategies, team management capabilities and business administration concepts may help you prepare to pursue management-level positions and improve your ability to work within a collaborative environment.

  • Increased earning potential:

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people who have a graduate degree tend to earn more on average than people with only a bachelor's degree. While earning an MBA does not guarantee that you will make more money, having one on your resume can be useful when it comes time to discuss compensation when seeking a new career opportunity.

  • Expanded career opportunities:

    Earning an MBA may help you consider career paths that may not have been available to you without one. Depending on the company and the individual job description, certain jobs may require applicants to have an MBA or graduate degree.

Information Technology Career Opportunities with an MBA

Earning a technology-focused MBA may help open up a variety of job opportunities. Here are a few career paths you might consider after earning an MBA with a Specialization in Information Systems Management at DeVry:

  • Information systems manager:

    Information systems managers plan, install and monitor software within a company’s network to make sure that it is maintaining optimal function. In many cases, they may also oversee a team of information systems professionals.

  • Database manager:

    Database managers oversee servers, databases and other storage tools at a company. They are also responsible for making upgrades to the databases and for ensuring its security.

  • Information systems analyst:

    Information systems analysts review, test and observe the information systems used by a company to identify potential areas for improvement and implement changes.

Please note that job requirements will vary from company to company as job titles are not standardized across the industry.

How an MBA Can Lead to a Tech & IT Career Change?

If you're not already working in the tech or IT space, then a tech MBA may help you prepare to transition into the industry.

At DeVry, all of our programs are infused with technology through our Tech-Empowered Learning model, and our MBA with a Specialization in Information Systems Management is no exception. Designed to help you learn through real world scenarios, you’ll have the chance to work with industry-relevant tools and get a sense of how to apply them within the modern workplace.

By developing these skills along with other business-focused and leadership abilities, may help increase the types of jobs you’re able to apply for, as well as the level of those jobs.

Work toward Your IT Career Goals with an MBA from DeVry University

An MBA with a Specialization in Information Systems Management can be an excellent way for you to prepare to pursue the new chapter of your career. Our knowledgeable professors will help guide you through hands-on learning experiences focused on current industry technology and concepts. Classes start every 8 weeks.

8-Week Class Sessions

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

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