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Careers in technology span many industries—from business and tech to healthcare and beyond. Below are some examples of potential tech careers you might consider. All of DeVry’s technology-related programs cover foundational knowledge and skills through our tech-empowered learning approach.

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Cyber Security Programming

You’ve decided programming is your thing and you want to protect companies and people from cybercrime. Find yourself on the front lines of the Internet of Things (IoT) as you learn to erect firewalls, ward off data breaches, measure risk and more. If you’re willing to commit to a task, embrace critical thinking and have a willingness to continue learning and growing in your field, then this is where you want to be. Cyber Security Programming careers include data security administration, information security analysis and forensics.

Security Analyst works on a tablet while sitting in a server room
Two digital forensic investigators work on a case on their computers

Computer Forensics

Have a talent for computer programming, fascinated with all things tech and want to be on the right side of cybercrime in the form of hacking, and helping to prevent identity theft and embezzlement? Apply yourself here and you’ll learn the skills needed to help put criminals in their place. A few of those include recovering data for investigations and trial, decoding encrypted/erased files and even testifying in court as an expert witness. Attention to detail and tenacity are critical in this field. Think you have what it takes? Computer Forensics careers include positions at law firms, hospitals and government agencies.

Database Management

If you enjoy solving complex problems and collaborating in dynamic work environments, this might be the career for you. Big data is everything these days and with that means we need people like you in the virtual world. A fervent interest in solving technical problems using a wide range of tools and techniques, as well as the ability to develop standards, policies and procedures, could put you right where you want to be in this field. Database Management careers include computer programmer, database administrator and data security administrator.

Database administrator analyzing a performance report on his computer
Two male engineers stand in a technology workspace while one holds a piece of equipment and the other holds a tablet

Engineering Technology

Simply put, engineers build things. Within this field, engineer technicians can help design, build and improve tomorrow’s electronic products and systems including advancements in renewable energy sector. If you’re curious about how things work, enjoy the challenge of developing new applications for technology and like to work with both hardware and software, jobs in this field might be for you. Careers in this field may include Manufacturing Engineering Technician, Computer Network Support Technician, Electronics Engineering Technician, Medical Equipment Repairer, Biomedical Technician and Solar Technician.

Information Security

Information security analysts create innovative solutions to prevent hackers from stealing critical information or causing problems for computer networks. Some professional responsibilities of cyber security professionals include encrypting data transmissions and erecting firewalls to conceal confidential information as well as performing risk assessments. A job in Information Security might be right for you if you are logical, dependable, analytical and detail oriented. Some jobs in this field include computer forensic investigator, disaster recovery analyst and information systems security specialist.

Male information security specialist looking away from his laptop
Networking professional working on multiple monitors at his desk while his colleague stands behind him holding a laptop

IT Networking & Communications

Professionals within the Networking and Communications segment are expected to design, implement, secure and manage business networks. A job in Networking might be right for you if you enjoy building things, are logical in your approach to tackling projects or tasks, and want to build the technologies people use every day. Some of the jobs in IT networking include network systems administrator, data communications analyst and computer network architect.

Software Programming and Software Development

Software programmers and software developers are essential to bringing computer programs to life. Working in tandem, the code software developers design is converted into a set of instructions by software programmers, using a path of strategic and analytical skills to do so. You may want to consider software programmer and software developer careers if you are interested in developing applications, are analytical and are problem-solution oriented. Some jobs in this field include software application developer, software systems developer, computer systems analyst, computer programmer, front-end and back-end developer and software consultant.

A software developer and software programmer work on an application on a computer.
Graphic designer works at her desk with one hand on her keyboard and another on her mouse

Web Design and Development

As web and other media technologies expand and transform, increasing demand for these skills is projected. And with millions of gamers worldwide, game graphics, programming and production jobs should continue to grow. Web Design and Development professionals create the web experiences that businesses and consumers enjoy and rely on. Careers in this field include graphics designer, web game programmer and multimedia producer.

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