NextGen Hispanic Scholars Program

Closing the Diversity Gap in Technology-Driven Careers

Helping to Create Opportunities for the Tech Workforce of the Future

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Empowering Communities of Hispanic Scholars

Be a part of the change toward creating a diverse workforce, representing you and your community. Show up and show off your skills as you set the bar high for the workforce of tomorrow.

Those who identify as Hispanic or Latino and Latina make up 18.5% of the U.S. population1 and are the country’s second largest racial or ethnic group,2 yet only 8% of the tech sector is made up of Hispanic individuals,3 and Latinas make up a smaller percentage; only 2% of employed engineers are Hispanic women.4

It’s time to close that gap and fill the pipeline of job seekers with skilled Hispanic, Latino and Latina graduates. That’s why we designed our NextGen Hispanic Scholars Program. Starting in the March 2022 session, you will have the opportunity to be a part of a community of students and mentors who are passionate about changing the tide in tech. Together, we can help create a more diverse tech workforce.

Scholarships & Grants

Program Overview

NextGen Hispanic Scholars Program Benefits

Join a network of like-minded achievers through DeVry’s NextGen Hispanic Scholars Program*. This group-based model is part of our mission to empower students like you to help advance equity, build community and ensure student success. This program provides access to educational, community and mentorship tools and resources aimed to help Hispanic, Latino and Latina students in your pursuit of a college education and tech career, and for graduate students to continue to advance in the workforce.

In the NextGen Hispanic Scholars Program, eligible undergraduate and graduate students will:

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Join a NextGen Hispanic Scholars Program cohort

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Enjoy access to industry-related internships

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Get automatically enrolled by DeVry into a CompTIA Basic Student membership

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Receive professional certification reimbursement assistance for select certifications5

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Become part of a community of students who share a common goal of reskilling and upskilling in pursuit of their professional and personal goals

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

Select Eligible Technology Degree & Certificate Programs

How to Apply for the Scholars Program

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

Beginning with the March 2022 session, this Scholars Program is open to:

  • New and readmit undergraduate and graduate students who identify as part of the Hispanic community or who have an interest in promoting the goals of this program
  • Undergraduate students enrolled in a qualifying Engineering & Information Sciences certificate or degree program6,
  • Graduate students enrolled in a Master’s degree program (excludes all graduate certificates)
  • New and readmit graduate and undergraduate students at DeVry who meet DeVry admission requirements

To retain your membership after your first year, students must:

  • Maintain continuous enrollment in one course per semester with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.5 for undergraduate students and a minimum CGPA of 3.0 for graduate students
  • Have completed a minimum of 1 approved program activity within the previous 3 months in order to advance in the program

How to Apply

What to Expect from the NextGen Hispanic Scholars Program

This Scholars Program offers Hispanic, Latino and Latina undergraduate technology students and graduate master’s degree students the support you need to succeed in higher education and build the technology and critical thinking skills necessary to thrive in dynamic careers. NextGen Hispanic Scholars Program levels include:

Level 1: Scholar

Diving into your goals to identify your passion in technology through:

  • Meeting and engaging with your Scholars Program Peers
  • Learning from webinars featuring industry thought leaders and our own DeVry faculty

Level 2: Advocate

Establishing your personal brand through:

  • Proactive and early encouragement from Career services support including one-on-one resume building, interview tips and networking opportunities
  • Building your connection with your mentor
  • Creating, updating or refining your LinkedIn profile with the help of our career advisors and your mentor
  • Connecting with industry mentors who are excited to share their journey and speak with you about your interest in technology

Level 3: Leader

Building a strong foundation for professional success through:

  • Putting learnings from industry webinars, thought leadership, peer connections, and of course your mentor, to work as you prepare to pursue a career in your field of interest

On a Mission to Help Close the Gap

As the tech industry continues to grow, large groups of workers remain under-represented, including women7 and Latinos. DeVry is working to help close these gaps through programs launched between 2021-2022:

DeVry Blog:

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*Students may participate in one DeVry-based scholars program only. Those who qualify for more than one program will be presumed to accept the program that is most beneficial for them. Students who qualify for multiple programs must confirm, in writing, the scholars program in which they wish to participate prior to starting classes at DeVry University.
4 and
5Excludes any certifications DeVry already provides financial assistance for via current programs.
6Qualifying degree and certificate programs include DeVry’s  Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems, Bachelor’s in Engineering Technology, Bachelor’s in Information Technology & Networking, Bachelor’s in Network & Communications Management, Bachelor’s in Software Development, Associate in Engineering Technology, Associate in Information Technology & Networking, Associate in Network Systems Administration, Cyber Security Certificate, Cloud Computing Certificate, Data Mining & Analytics, Internet of Things Certificate, Software Design & Solutions Certificate, Web & Mobile Application Development Certificate, Information Technology Essentials Certificate, Networking Essentials Certificate and our Programming Essentials Certificate
7National Science Board, State of U.S. Science and Engineering, 2020: Women & Underrepresented Minorities.