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Healthcare Administration Courses

The healthcare industry has its own terminology, systems, policies and regulations. So, it’s important that your healthcare administration courses teach the specifics and keep up with the latest trends. DeVry’s healthcare classes and programs are designed to keep pace with the dynamic healthcare industry. You can choose from healthcare administration, healthcare management or health information technology as areas of focus. Along the way you can learn to manage data, risk, record keeping and much more.

Interested in exploring the healthcare courses that are offered by DeVry? Explore the following list to see the various online healthcare administration courses that are available.

Classes Start Monday, September 2, 2024

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FAQs: Healthcare Administration Courses

What type of education do I need to pursue a career in healthcare administration?

The majority of healthcare administration positions require a bachelor's degree, though some entry-level positions may only require an undergraduate certificate. The high-level jobs may require a master's degree in healthcare administration. In general, you will need to have completed a healthcare administration program in order to work towards a career in healthcare administration.

What courses are needed for healthcare administration?

The healthcare administration classes you’ll need to take while pursuing a healthcare degree will depend on the particular degree you would like to earn.  For instance, someone working towards earning a Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration with a Healthcare Management Specialization from DeVry would need to take the following classes, among others:

  • Financial accounting
  • Data analysis with spreadsheets with lab
  • Business analysis
  • Healthcare policy
  • Managed care and health insurance
  • Principles of ethics
  • Advanced composition

How do I become a healthcare administrator?

To become a healthcare administrator, you need to first graduate high school and then pursue an undergraduate-level credential such as an associate or bachelor's degree or an undergraduate certificate. DeVry offers healthcare programs that can help you learn some of the valuable skills you may need in the healthcare administration field. The next step is to apply to a position in the field that interests you. It's also worth considering where you would like to work. Healthcare administrators can pursue such careers as working in care facilities, hospitals or doctor's offices.

Can I learn more about healthcare administration through online courses?

Yes, you can learn new information about this subject through online healthcare administration classes. In fact, the information you receive from online courses is identical to the information you would receive from an in-person course. Additionally, if you choose to take online courses to earn a bachelor's degree or other credential, the degree you earn is identical to one received by someone taking in-person classes. Online courses are a great way to expand your knowledge of healthcare administration on a schedule that makes sense with your unique situation.

*Courses marked with an asterisk (*) require successful completion of required math and English transitional studies courses. Required transitional studies coursework may affect program length and cost.
^Courses marked with a caret (^) are licensed in New Jersey; students whose enrolled location is in New Jersey may enroll in these courses in the onsite, online and blended modalities.
+Courses marked with a plus sign (+) are available as honors courses (restrictions apply).
Note: To enroll in a course with a corequisite, students must have either successfully completed the corequisite course during a prior session or concurrently enroll in the corequisite course.