Technical Skills for Today’s Job Market: Cloud Computing and IoT


By DeVry University

March 8, 2021
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DeVry University has been inspired by the evolution of both education and technology for more than 85 years. As our world grows ever more digital, it should come as no surprise that we are committed to equipping students with the technical skills they need to pursue a future across a variety of tech-based careers, from network technician to cloud support specialist to field service technician.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that computer and information technology jobs are projected to grow 11% on a national level in the decade ending in 2029, which surpasses expectations for most other occupations. This translates into more than 531,000 new jobs across the U.S. Key drivers of this growth include on-demand access to computing resources through the internet, known as cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), which is the connection of everyday items to the internet, among other industrial uses.

To help students prepare for positions in these high-tech fields, we are pleased to announce the launch of two undergraduate certificate programs, offered entirely online:

These programs demonstrate our ongoing commitment to offering stackable credentials designed to help students chart their own path by gaining vital industry skills that they may take to the workplace now, and then build upon later to further their education.

If you decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree at DeVry, the credits you earn from your certificate will count for 1/3 of the total credits needed to earn your degree.

Read on to learn more about our new undergraduate certificate programs.

Undergraduate Certificate in Cloud Computing

Shifting resources to the cloud helps businesses streamline operations, remain agile and flexible and improve customer service. But it’s a huge undertaking, and most companies need highly skilled cloud computing experts to help them make the switch.

If you’re ready to help businesses boost their productivity by moving resources to the cloud and/or managing those resources, our Cloud Computing certificate can provide you with the technical skills you need to design, deploy and manage a variety of cloud-based tools and systems.

In this program you will learn to:

  • Assess businesses to determine their data center needs
  • Evaluate existing resources and infrastructures
  • Configure and deploy customized cloud-based systems
  • Monitor cloud-based systems for security weaknesses and provide solutions

Better yet, no experience is required to enroll in this program. Our Tech Core classes provide a broad foundation for everyone, regardless of your level of expertise.

Here is a quick summary of our Cloud Computing certificate program:

  • Program Type: Undergraduate Certificate
  • Minimum Credit Hours: 40
  • Length: 14 Courses
  • Time to Complete: 1 Year + 4 Months1
  • Availability: Online
  • What You’ll Learn: Courses cover such topics as programming, information systems security, converged networks, data center virtualization and web architecture.
  • Certification Prep: Prepare for certification opportunities including CompTIA IT Fundamentals, CompTIA Linux+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Cloud+, CompTIA Security+.

Ready to learn more about how cloud computing can help businesses boost their productivity? Get more details about our Cloud Computing undergraduate certificate program.

Undergraduate Certificate in The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing how we interact with everyday items, from smart locks that we can program from wherever we are in the world to self-driving cars,  wearable fitness devices and even machine-to-machine communication in manufacturing companies and other industries. As more and more devices become connected, it should come as no great surprise that legions of highly-skilled tech professionals will be needed to build and maintain IoT ecosystems.

Our online Internet of Things certificate program will provide you with the technical skills you need to design, implement and manage IoT systems. Program highlights include:

  • Integrating IoT infrastructure with industrial ventures
  • Developing infrastructures for networks and individual devices
  • Creating, deploying and operating converged networks and dedicated IoT systems
  • Troubleshooting issues and implementing solutions

Like our other undergraduate tech certificates, this can be an excellent choice for those who are just entering the IoT field. Our programs are designed to get you up to speed on the latest tech trends, even if you have little to no experience in the industry.

Additional details on our IoT certificate program include:

  • Program Type: Undergraduate Certificate
  • Minimum Credit Hours: 40
  • Length: 14 Courses
  • Time to Complete: 1 Year + 4 Months1
  • Availability: Online
  • What You’ll Learn: Courses cover a wide variety of topics, including programming, operating systems, digital devices, industrial IoT and information security for mobile devices
  • Certification Prep: Prepare for certification opportunities including Comp TIA IT Fundamentals, Comp TIA Linux+, Comp TIA Network+, Comp TIA Cloud+, Comp TIA Security+, Comp TIA A+.

Are you excited by the possibilities of the next generation of device connectivity? Learn more about our Internet of Things undergraduate certificate program.

Additional Highlights

Here are a few additional benefits you can enjoy when pursuing an undergraduate certificate in Cloud Computing or the Internet of Things (IoT) at DeVry University:

  • Opportunity Grant: Upon completion of your first semester, qualify for a one-time grant of $500.

  • Tech Core: These core courses offer the primary skills you need to pursue new opportunities in today’s tech marketplace. Whether you’re a natural-born tech guru or this is your first foray into the field, these classes help you build a strong foundation.

  • IoT Kit: With your IoT kit, you’ll have access to the microprocessors, sensors and cloud based tools needed to build basic IoT systems. This gives you access to the real-world, hands-on practice you require.

  • Stackable Credits: The credits you earn with your Cloud Computing or Internet of Things certificate won’t go to waste. In fact, if you decide to further your education at DeVry, all of your certificate credits will apply to your bachelor’s degree. Just choose a bachelor’s in Information Technology and Networking with a specialization in Cloud-Based Networking and Virtualization (if you earned a Cloud Computing certificate) or Mobile and Networked Devices (if you earned an IoT certificate), and your certificate will count for a full third of your degree.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Technical Skills?

Tech continues to enjoy promising growth, so if you’re envisioning a future in this field now can be a great time to start pursuing your personal goals. And we’re committed to your success. From academic tutoring to personalized career services, we’ll be here to support you as you take the next steps. Our classes start every 8 weeks, so contact us today to get started.

1Not including breaks. Assumes year-round, full-time enrollment. Additional program information may be found on our Degree Programs page.

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