Going to College After the Military Lets You Follow the Path to Your Educational Goals

Soar to New Heights As You Advance Your Ambition

As a Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) graduate, you can take your skills to the next level and set yourself up for success with a bachelor’s degree from DeVry University. With an AAS degree from CCAF, you are eligible to seamlessly transfer all 60 CCAF qualifying credits to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management (BSTM) degree at DeVry University; and you  may be eligible to transfer up to 92 qualifying credits! That means you can follow a quicker path to your degree while you learn skills you can put to work right away.

DeVry is proud to be a university that supports the military community. That’s why we partner with the Air Force to offer the Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) Program to enlisted Air Force service members like you. 

About the AU-ABC Program

AU-ABC establishes partnerships between Air University and colleges like DeVry to provide CCAF Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree students with online bachelor’s degree opportunities. AU-ABC is available to currently serving members in the regular Air Force, Space Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard.  

You’ve got goals, and as a supporter of the military community, DeVry is committed to helping fuel your future. If you’re interested in preparing for a high-tech, global marketplace, earning a Bachelor’s in Technical Management at DeVry University can be a great first step. A technical management degree combines technology skills with business management practices in order to help you better understand how to efficiently implement technology solutions in the workplace. This tech-empowered program is designed to teach you the technical management concepts and systems used by today’s leading companies.

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

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Study While You Serve

We support you with

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  full and part-time schedule options,

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  24/7 access to courses via mobile app!

“I am grateful for DeVry’s dedication to helping veterans pursue their educational goals during or after military service. I would definitely recommend anyone to consider DeVry University, especially veterans. DeVry has a great military team that is knowledgeable and helpful. Do not let uncertainty or the fear of failure keep you from pursuing your goals.” 

- Marissa Rivera, MBA in Health Services

What You’ll Learn

Core Degree Courses


ACCT303 Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT306 Intermediate Accounting II
ACCT313 Intermediate Accounting III
ACCT326 Federal Tax Accounting I
ACCT360 Managerial Accounting
ACCT406 Advanced Accounting
ACCT426 Federal Tax Accounting II
ACCT431 Federal Income Taxation
ACCT436 Advanced Cost Management
ACCT439 Professional Ethics for Accountants
ACCT440 Accounting Research
ACCT446 Auditing
ACCT454 Accounting Information Systems with Lab Accounting

Senior Project

ACCT461 Accounting Senior Project


BUSN350 Business Analysis
MGMT408 Management of Technology Resources

General Degree Courses

Communication Skills

ENGL113 Composition
ENGL136 Advanced Composition
ENGL216 Technical Writing

One of:

SPCH275 Public Speaking
SPCH276 Intercultural Communication


HIST405 United States History
LAS432 Technology, Society, and Culture

One of:

ETHC334 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace
ETHC445 Principles of Ethics

One of:

HUMN303 Introduction to the Humanities
HUMN304 Multi-Ethnic Humanities

Social Sciences

ECON312 Principles of Economics
SOCS185 Culture and Society

One of:

SOCS3253 Environmental Sociology
SOCS350 Cultural Diversity in the Professions

Mathematics and Natural Sciences

MATH116 Algebra for College Students (3)
MATH226 Statistics for Decision-Making (3)
SCI205 Environmental Science with Lab (3)

Personal and Professional Development

CARD405 Career Development
COLL148 Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Business Core

ACCT212 Financial Accounting
BIS155 Data Analysis with Spreadsheets with Lab
BUSN115 Introduction to Business and Technology
BUSN319 Marketing
COMP100 Computer Applications for Business with Lab
MGMT303 Principles of Management

Finance and Management

BUSN315 Contemporary Business
BUSN379 Finance

If you are interested in applying for admission into the program,
click here to request more information or call (800) 424-9595 to speak with an Admissions Representative 

Additional Information for Air Force and Space Force Service Members

If you are enrolled at DeVry or Keller, you can apply for military tuition assistance through the Air Force Education Center. Follow these six easy steps to complete your military TA voucher:

  • Select reason for request
  • Select the school name (DeVry University)
  • Enter term dates
  • Enter the course information
  • Enter the registration fees
  • Verify TA information and submit request

If this is your first time setting up tuition assistance, or if you have relocated to a new base, you may need additional documents to complete the military TA process. Please contact your direct Supervisor or your base education office for more information. Additional information can be found on the Air Force Reserve website or the Air Force Education Services Programs website.

How to Order Transcripts

If you have CCAF credits you'd like to apply toward your degree, you'll need to secure an official transcript. Visit the CCAF website for instructions on how to do this.  By transferring qualified coursework, including your CCAF credits, you may earn up to 92 credits towards your bachelor's degree!

On-Demand Tools and Support


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Connect virtually with research consultants or dive into current resources, periodical databases, e-books and more 24/7 with our extensive digital library. Our real-time, chat-based reference service offers interactive sessions with DeVry librarian 55 hours per week, Monday through Sunday.

*Each student is allotted a set number of hours of tutoring per academic session through www.Tutor.com (available 24/7). Additional tutoring services are also available through www.DeVryTutors.com.