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Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

Scholars Programs for Communities of Like-minded Students

DeVry University brings students, mentors and programs together to help close opportunity gaps

DeVry’s Scholars Programs are designed to help graduates prepare for the workforce with relevant skills that will benefit their tech career paths. Tailored tasks and milestones provide insightful experiences, while access to workshops, internships, memberships and one-on-one support from mentors helps students learn how to be independent thinkers and stand up against challenges through collaborative solutions.

Scholarship opportunities may also exist for students who apply and qualify.

Why Apply for a Scholars Program?

As a student aspiring to a career in a tech-driven industry, you may find the Women+Tech Scholars Program to be the perfect complement to your goals.

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Learn from the support of a mentor cohort

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Enjoy early access to industry-related internship and job opportunities

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Network with ambitious and goal-oriented peers like you

network skills

Learn the skills needed to become a strategic thinker and advisor to your workplace now or in your future career

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Have the opportunity to apply for various scholarship and grant opportunities

Be at the Forefront of Change

DeVry University is an accredited institution3 with a rich heritage in technology. Lean into this tech legacy with us as we work together to close our society’s opportunity gap by preparing you to thrive in careers shaped by continuous technological change.

Enjoy the flexibility of 8-week sessions with 6 sessions a year. Courses are available 100% online or utilize our hybrid model by studying both online and on campus (where available). Connect with us to learn more.

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

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