MBA in Human Resource Management Job Opportunities

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in the human resources field, earning a graduate degree like our MBA with a Specialization in Human Resources can be a great way to get started. 

An MBA in Human Resources can also help demonstrate to potential employers that you're dedicated to personal and professional development. In the following sections, we'll explore some of the MBA in human resource management job opportunities you may be able to consider, as well as some of the skills you can learn during this type of program:

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Skills You Can Learn During an MBA with a Specialization in Human Resources Program

Enrolling in our MBA with a Specialization in Human Resources means you’ll have the chance to gain industry insight from experienced faculty, broaden your management skills and develop your understanding of the human resources industry in a variety of ways. 

Here are just a few of the skills you'll touch on during this program:

  • Technology: Learn how to use technology to analyze and address the needs of an organization. Develop your existing digital literacy skills and learn to identify areas where technology could be thoughtfully implemented.
  • Collaboration: Improve your ability to work in a collaborative environment. You'll also have the opportunity to build effective communication skills and develop strategies for identifying and utilizing your team member’s strengths.
  • Performance measurement: Create metrics to evaluate efficient use of technology, manage talent and determine objectives.
  • Problem solving: Learn how to navigate a variety of workplace challenges and develop strategies to address them.
  • Strategic HR management: Build your understanding of how to balance HR management to drive company success.
  • Human resources leadership: Learn how to manage and oversee middle to senior-level HR management functions such as change management, employee legal matters and ensuring your team is following best practices regarding regulatory concerns.
  • Management theory and practices: Develop your understanding of company-wide functions as they relate to the global economy.

Job Opportunities You Can Pursue with an MBA in Human Resources

Whether you’re looking to work in employee compensation, labor relations or employee management, an MBA in human resources may help you be able to consider several career paths. Here are just a few of the positions that you may consider after you graduate from DeVry’s MBA with a Specialization in Human Resources:

  • Human resources manager: HR managers oversee a team of other HR professionals and play an important role in setting hiring standards and practices, such as recruiting and interviewing. They may also serve as a link between a company and its employees. 
  • Compensation and benefits manager: Compensation and benefits managers deal primarily with wage data analysis and cost benefit analysis. While analyzing available information on employee wages, they develop strategies and programs to maximize budget efficiency and maintain employee satisfaction while working to improve benefits and resources.
  • Training and development manager: Training and development managers are responsible for training new hires. They also manage training budgets and the development of training materials.
  • Technical recruiter: Technical recruiters work with hiring managers to help identify and screen candidates. They may also collaborate with the hiring manager to determine reasonable technical expectations for specific roles.


Keep in mind that job titles and requirements are not standardized across the industry. Two jobs with similar or identical titles may have different minimum application requirements depending on the employer that is offering the job.

Work Toward Your Career Goals with an MBA with a Specialization in Human Resources from DeVry

If you're ready to improve your skills and prepare to pursue a career in HR, earning an MBA with a Specialization in Human Resources is a great place to start. At DeVry, you can earn your degree on your schedule with 100% online classes and gain industry insight from our experienced faculty. Contact us to speak with an Admissions Representative.

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