Data Analytics with Power BI

DeVry University has seamlessly supported students in their migration to remote courses because we’ve been providing forward-thinking learning options for more than 80 years. Throughout this time, we’ve kept our focus on our students and have created several complimentary videos to help them develop their skills during this time of need.

Help bolster your analytics skills with an understanding of how to better utilize data to make better business decisions.

Start now with the Data Analytics with Power BI video below. Then continue your learning with our other short videos such as Data Visualization with Python and others.

Video Details:

LENGTH: 1 hour

COST & FEES: $0.00, 100% complimentary

Data Analytics with Power BI Video

What You'll Learn

Learn how to combine programming, statistics, data transformation and data visualization using Power BI to:

  • Create a dashboard in Power BI
  • Help improve your data management skills
  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Better interpret results to help determine which metrics are driving more opportunities
  • Make better business decisions

This video is suggested for individuals who have basic computer skills.

The link below will take you to Kaltura's site for full-screen viewing of the video:

About Dr. Gina Cooper

Dr. Cooper received her undergraduate degree from Ohio State University in Mechanical Engineering, her Master’s Degree from Ohio State University in Industrial Engineering and PhD from Wright State University in Computer Science and Engineering with specializations of database, math, and bioinformatics. She presented her bioinformatics research at an IEEE International Bioinformatics Conference in Taiwan in May 2004 and in Las Vegas in July 2009. Since then she has published papers in the proceedings of computer science education conferences relating to courses Dr. Cooper has developed and improved. Since joining DeVry her instructional area of focus is information systems.

Additional Details

  • These online, self-paced videos are non-credit bearing, avocational and not part of a DeVry University or Keller Graduate School of Management program of study.
  • These short videos are provided to help you develop or enhance your skills. Completion of these videos does not lead to employment.

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