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Network and Communications Management Careers

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Building Networks for Smoother Business

Today’s technology enables communication to be delivered through networks that are accessible and secure. With a degree from DeVry University or its Keller School of Management, you can prepare for a fulfilling career in network and communications management. You will learn to design, implement, secure and manage business networks, and our knowledgeable professors will help you develop the analytical and technical skills you will need.

About this Program

Get to Know Network and Communications Management Careers

Professional Responsibilities

When you earn your degree with a focus in network and communications management from DeVry or Keller, you'll be equipped for careers like:

Data Communications Analyst

Analyze problems to implement solutions such as information engineering, mathematical and data modeling and cost accounting

Database Administrators

Determine ways to organize and store data, as well as manage database systems and networks

Network Security Specialist

With the threat of hackers, cyber-criminals and online terrorists, network security specialists are in demand both in the military and in civilian occupations


Network and communications management career opportunities are available in a variety of industries, including:








Career Opportunities

DeVry and Keller graduates who focus on network and communications management may be prepared for positions such as:

Network administration

Network analysis, planning, and management

Network technical support

Network troubleshooting and support

Network security

Network operations

Voice or data communications analysis and administration

Internet/intranet administration