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Career Fields

How to Choose a Career

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There are a lot of considerations when it comes to choosing your career field. This page will help you break down and explore the fields of business, technology, healthcare administration, liberal arts and media arts to help give you a sense of what they are like, and if they might be a fit for you. Whether you're just starting out in life or you're looking for a career change or recharge, we can help you decide what to pursue. Each of the fields below are very broad categories; think of them as a jumping-off point. And if you can't make that decision right now, that's okay. Many of our programs will apply to more than one path if you change your mind. Get in touch with us for more guidance on how to choose a career.


If you love the idea of building things that make both life and work easier and more enjoyable, then the technology field might be perfect for you. Work in a growing and in-demand field on subject such as cloud computing, big data and the interconnection of devices (the “Internet of Things”). The continued demand for these technologies as well as mobile computing make this a dynamic field.

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare management and technology jobs require a passion for science and problem-solving. Empathy is also very important in designing solutions that are people-friendly as well as effective. Many in the healthcare field are driven by a sense of satisfaction from helping others. Patience and attention to detail are also great traits to have.

Liberal Arts

A liberal arts program can give you the broad background you need to prepare for your career now and into the future. For example, you can rely on your communication skills and creative abilities in nearly any professional setting. Or you can focus on the safety and security of people, technology and resources with justice and forensics careers.

Media Arts

At the intersection of creativity and technology are careers in media arts. This exciting industry is constantly evolving as our lives become more and more digitally-driven. Working in media arts means understanding how to create visual digital experiences that can influence how people search, shop and do business online. It’s an exciting field that encompasses websites, mobile apps and more.

Jamie Gonzalez
Student — Bachelor's in Management
What Our Students Have to Say From the very beginning, DeVry helped with my enrollment and getting me back into school. Everyone I have talked to has been so great and helpful, and it made my decision to continue at DeVry easy. I also like that every time I have a question, I'm able to get help right away.

Choosing & Moving Ahead on the Right Path

Few people have a single career path throughout their life. Most students will change and adapt over the course of their education. Many of our education options can be applied across different subjects, allowing you to acquire multiple credentials over time. Stackable credits can help you become more proficient, focus on your next career phase or build your long-term education plan. Here’s a look at some available options.

Associate Degree
Typically a 2-year program with general and career focused education; credits often apply towards higher degrees
Bachelor's Degree
Typically a 4+-year program with general studies and concentration in a specific field
Master's Degree
Typically a 2-year advanced degree program with concentration in a specific career field; requires an undergraduate degree
Undergraduate Certificates
Credential awarded for completion of series of courses on a specific career field; credits often apply towards higher degrees
Graduate Certificates
An advanced level credential for completion of a series of courses in a specific career field; requires an undergraduate degree