Electronics and Computer Technology Careers

Helping Others Succeed with Technology

The more technology changes, the more society needs trained professionals to help others adapt. Those in electronics and computer technology careers are called upon for their ability to manufacture, install and repair computer and electronic devices.

A degree in Electronics and Computer Technology from DeVry University can set you up for an exciting career that’s always evolving. At DeVry, you’ll learn cutting-edge ways to solve challenging technical problems, which can give you the satisfaction of helping others get more out of the technology they use.

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Professional Responsibilities

Earning a degree in Electronics and Computer Technology from DeVry University can prepare you to:

  • Provide technical support in an IT department or help desk
  • Install and repair electrical and electronics equipment
  • Work with intricate components to keep equipment running smoothly
  • Perform diagnostics on equipment ranging from printers and copiers to sophisticated computer systems


Careers in electronics and computer technology are available in a variety of industries including:

  • Communications
  • Consumer products
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Research
  • Security

Career Opportunities

DeVry graduates who focus on electronics and computer technology may be prepared in areas such as:

  • Electronics installation and maintenance
  • Manufacturing equipment installation and maintenance
  • Wide area network and local area network installation and maintenance
  • Wireless communication systems installation and maintenance
  • Telecommunications systems installation and maintenance
  • Technical field service
  • Technical sales and sales support
  • Research and development support
  • Quality control