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Computer Forensics Careers

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Investigating Crime with Computers

In today’s modern world, there are criminals engaging in illegal activity without ever stepping foot outside their home. Fortunately, there are people out there who can outsmart them: computer forensics specialists.

A degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) with a Specialization in Computer Forensics from DeVry University is an excellent way to start a career in the field. You’ll learn how to solve a variety of cybercrimes, such as hacking, identity theft, embezzlement and fraud. The technical and analytical skills you’ll gain can help you identify and prosecute some of the toughest criminals. 

About this Program

Get to Know Computer Forensics Careers

Professional Responsibilities

A DeVry degree specializing in Computer Forensics teaches you to perform tasks which include:

Analyzing complex clues

Using tools and techniques to extract data

Recovering data for investigations and trial

Decoding encrypted and erased files

Testifying in court as an expert witness


As a computer forensics specialist, you could work in various industries such as:


Healthcare technology




Career Opportunities

DeVry University graduates who specialized in computer forensics may be prepared for jobs working in:

Prosecutors' offices

Government agencies

Police departments

Consulting firms


Law firms