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Global Supply Chain Management Careers

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Cutting Costs to Improve Profitability

In order for a business to make a profit, they need to manage costs on materials, labor hours or both—without diminishing the value of the end-product or service. Businesses depend on experts, and those in global supply chain management careers can make this happen.

Earning a degree in Global Supply Chain Management from DeVry University or its Keller Graduate School of Management helps you build skills for making businesses more efficient. You’ll learn to control costs by managing the entire life cycle of a product or service from purchasing to delivery. In addition, you’ll acquire the knowledge that will allow you to be competitive in foreign markets. Best of all, you can earn this degree at your own pace with our flexible class options.

About this Program

Get to Know Global Supply Chain Management Careers

Professional Responsibilities

A DeVry or Keller degree with a specialization in global supply chain management equips you for:

Solving logistical problems

Analyzing and coordinating a supply chain

Purchasing durable and nondurable goods and services

Planning, directing or coordinating transportation

Coordinating production, purchasing, warehousing and financial forecasting services


Global supply chain management careers are found in a variety of industries including:







Career Opportunities

DeVry and Keller graduates who focus on global supply chain management may be ready for careers such as:


Purchasing manager

Operations research analyst

Transportation manager

Supply chain manager