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Accounting and Finance Management

You love working with numbers. In this field, you’ll handle traditional responsibilities associated with data and financial information, and the nuances of complex financial laws and regulations. Accounting careers include accountant, accounting clerk, and auditor. Finance careers include financial analyst, financial planning and analysis manager, and controllers.  

Accoutant's hands working on a financial report on a tablet with other paper reports scattered on their desk
two human resources colleagues shaking hands

Human Resources

You have a passion for people, and creating a positive work environment. Companies across the world are in need of great human resources professionals. These employees oversee and administer corporate programs, as well as ensure they adhere to changing and complex laws. Human Resource careers include human resource specialist, human resources manager, and compensation benefits manager.  

Project Management

You’re highly organized and collaborative. Project management professionals have opportunities to lead projects that are critical to business goals. If you have an analytical mind, good people skills and the willingness to rise or fall on the demonstrated success of your work, then this may be a great field for you. Project Management careers include project coordinator, project scheduler, and project manager.  

Project management professionals utilizing post-its on a glass wall to outline their next project
Business owner talking on his phone while looking away from him computer


You excel in an ever-changing environment, meeting all types of challenges with skill, maturity and creativity. Whether playing a pivotal role as an employee or turning an idea into a company, the savvy entrepreneur utilizes a mix of creativity, financial know-how and technical expertise to build and grow the core tenets and bottom line of any enterprise. Entrepreneurship careers include digital sales manager, new business development and CEO.

Sales and Marketing

You relish all forms of communication and are interested in how things work behind the scenes. Whether creating targeted brand strategies, delivering a critical sales presentation or producing creative digital product, your energy, creativity and skills are critical to any successful team. Hard-earned knowledge mixed with creative instinct is valuable in marketing, media, public relations, advertising and social media. Sales and marketing careers include sales advertising executive, brand strategist and director of marketing.

Marketing manager presents a project plan to his team
Male and female managers having a meeting in an open office environment

General Management

You’re a natural leader who can work well with others and communicate big picture ideas. General management is a broad career field with numerous concentrations, including entrepreneurship, hospitality management, finance and sales and marketing. Each of these areas stem from using critical thinking to solve complex business problems and inspire employees to act. General Management careers include management analyst, market research analyst, and sales and marketing manager.  

Global Supply Chain Management

You enjoy understanding how things work and analyzing details. In the field of Global Supply Chain Management, you’ll tackle logistics planning and process management to make sure things run efficiently and profitably. Supply Chain Management careers include purchasing manager, operations analyst, logistics manager and more.

Purchasing manager and logistics manager look at a laptop while in a warehouse surrounded by wood pallets
Two cooks and a restaurant manager having a meeting in the kitchen

Hospitality Management

If you love travel, food or entertainment, the field of Hospitality Management might be right for you. In this field, you’ll work directly with customers and make sure that the business is serving their needs. Hospitality Management careers include tourism operations manager, restaurant management, event planner and more.

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