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Find Your Path in Healthcare

Knowing that your work makes a difference in people’s health can be very rewarding. Healthcare careers demand a curiosity for science, strong problem solving skills, and empathy to ensure you’re able to design and deliver effective solutions for people. To find out if a healthcare administration career is right for you, explore the information below.

Health Information Management

Healthcare is an evolving industry, and a thorough understanding of health information can help improve patient experiences. Health information management professionals ensure the quality, integrity and protection of a patient’s health information. This field might be right for you if you want to work in health care, but not directly with patients. Careers in this field include medical billing and coding specialists, health information specialist, and clinical documentation specialist.

Healthcare Administration and Services

Professionals in a healthcare administration or health services management role may have tasks involving day-to-day business matters, complex government regulations, community health initiatives and more. Professional responsibilities include business affairs and strategies such as billing and collection, budget, equipment and human resource planning. They may also organize patient flow and manage non-medical staff. Careers in this field include healthcare administrators, policy specialists and medical office managers.

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