Online Project Management Degree Specialization

Online Project Management Degree Specialization

Project managers help make companies be more competitive by enabling them to be more efficient. They guide a project from planning to completion by facilitating ideas, resources and information from team members and outside resources. In this role, you may manage a team of developers, builders, designers, manufacturers or other professionals in order to create final products that may range from software to consumer goods. Our Bachelor's degree with an online Project Management specialization can help you learn key tasks such as setting budgets and timelines, providing estimates, acquiring outside resources, and identifying and evaluating project goals and deliverables. By completing the coursework online, you are offered flexibility to learn wherever you are, whenever you want.

DeVry offers an online learning platform so that the accessibility to other students, faculty, ideas, and knowledge are always nearby. With the online learning platform, online students have the ability to connect with a wealth of quality resources such as Student Services, academic advisors, the Student Finance team, and the Technical Help Desk. You can find more information about the wealth of online opportunities provided by DeVry by visiting our online degree program page.

If you're interested in a career in areas such as project management in product and/or service industries, development projects in industry or government, or organizational change management, request information about DeVry's online Project Management degree program specialization.

Program Coursework

The online Project Management degree specialization may include these online Project Management courses:

  • Advanced Cost Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Contracts and Procurement
  • Human Resources and Communication in Projects

To learn more about earning your Project Management specialization online, request information or see the DeVry University undergraduate academic catalog.