Health Services Jobs You Can Pursue with an MBA

An MBA can be helpful when it comes to searching for health services jobs. The skills you develop while enrolled in a program such as an MBA with a Specialization in Health Services, for example, can help you gain a better understanding of how business management and healthcare intersect.

If you're exploring health services careers on the business side but haven't decided whether you want to earn an MBA, read on to learn more about the following:

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Skills You Can Learn During an MBA with a Specialization in Health Services Program

There are many skills you can learn in a health services MBA program that can be of use throughout your career. Here are just a few of the concepts you'll cover in an MBA with a Specialization in Health Services at DeVry:

  • Evaluate healthcare plans: Learn how to assess existing health plans and explain the benefits to patients. You'll also learn how to merge business elements relevant to the healthcare field with patient care in order to improve the quality of care provided at your facility.

  • Technology: Develop your digital literacy in relation to the technologies used in the world of health services, while learning how to identify processes that could be improved or made more efficient with the use of technology.

  • Collaboration: Enhance your ability to work within a team environment and learn strategies for working with and managing teams to achieve positive business outcomes.

  • Ethics in healthcare: Explore legal and ethical aspects of healthcare as well as the responsibilities of healthcare workers. You'll also examine the impact that the legal system has on care that’s provided to patients.

  • U.S. healthcare policy: Build your understanding of the U.S. healthcare model and how to apply it in the modern healthcare industry. You'll also have the opportunity to explore how the healthcare system in the United States differs from systems used in other countries.

  • Management theory and practices: Learn management techniques that can be applied in the workplace to encourage more efficient and productive performances from team members.

Potential Job Opportunities for People Who Have Earned a Health Services MBA

Earning an MBA may help you expand your job opportunities post-graduation. Because an MBA is designed to help you develop leadership and management skills, you may find yourself meeting the qualifications for management-level positions at some companies.

Here are just a few of the jobs you might be able to pursue after earning an MBA with a Specialization in Health Services from DeVry:

  • Administrative services management: People working in the administrative services management area of the health services field are responsible for ensuring that an organization runs efficiently and effectively. They manage team members and delegate tasks within a care facility to help streamline workflow.

  • Health or medical services management: Health and medical services managers are responsible for balancing business initiatives and medical or healthcare services within a care facility. They may work in a specific department or manage the entire facility.

  • Regulatory affairs and compliance: People working in regulatory affairs and compliance work to make sure that a care facility adheres to standards dictated by state and federal governments.

  • Training and development manager: Training and development managers decide on the content, courses and training materials that go into a staff training program. In some cases, they may be involved in setting the budgets for these programs.

  • Technical recruiter: Technical recruiters identify and screen candidates for technical roles and work with hiring managers to determine reasonable expectations.
Keep in mind that job titles are not standardized across the industry. Two jobs with similar names may have different application requirements based on the needs of the company.

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