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Individual Courses

Criminal Justice Courses

Cyber crime, threats to homeland security, and advances in forensic science are a few of the issues emerging in the field of criminal justice. That’s why DeVry’s criminal justice courses take a holistic approach to law enforcement education.


Our classes include subjects such as criminal law and investigation, ethics, and terrorism investigation. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from seasoned instructors along the way and you can build the confidence needed to understand crime and pursue justice.

Classes Start Monday, September 2, 2024

Explore Criminal Justice Courses by Program

*Courses marked with an asterisk (*) require successful completion of required math and English transitional studies courses. Required transitional studies coursework may affect program length and cost.
^Courses marked with a caret (^) are licensed in New Jersey; students whose enrolled location is in New Jersey may enroll in these courses in the onsite, online and blended modalities.
+Courses marked with a plus sign (+) are available as honors courses (restrictions apply).
Note: To enroll in a course with a corequisite, students must have either successfully completed the corequisite course during a prior session or concurrently enroll in the corequisite course.