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Healthcare Administration and Management Careers

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Take the Lead in a Growing Industry

The fields of healthcare administration and healthcare management are always evolving. There are new challenges and opportunities every day. DeVry University can help you gain the knowledge and credentials to work in these fields. Earn a degree in Healthcare Administration, or give yourself more business expertise with the Healthcare Management Specialization. These programs will help you prepare for a rewarding career in a thriving industry.

About this Program

Get to Know Healthcare Administration and Management Careers

Professional Responsibilities

A healthcare administration or management degree from DeVry can help prepare you for many professional responsibilities, such as:

Improving quality and efficiency while managing costs

Overseeing the digitization of patient records and medical information

Applying methods to keep electronic medical information secure as required by law

Building strong inter-disciplinary teams from medical practitioners to administrators

Using new technology to manage compliance with new and changing regulations


Healthcare administration and management jobs are growing in a number of industries:

Healthcare facilities

Doctors' offices

Hospital networks

Insurance companies

Career Opportunities

Graduates who focus on healthcare administration or healthcare management have many career options:

Healthcare Administrator1

Clinical Administrative Coordinator1

Admissions Coordinator

Business Office Supervisor

Medical Office Manager

Assistant Administrator1

Health Information Manager

Health Information Management Technician