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Accounting Careers

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Put the Numbers to Work for You

A career in accounting can lead to exciting and unexpected opportunities. Advertising agencies, entertainment companies, hospitality groups and more need qualified accounting professionals. A degree from DeVry University or its Keller Graduate School of Management can help open those doors for you. A variety of bachelor’s and master’s degrees and certificates are available, so you can align your education with your goals. The knowledge you’ll gain can put you ahead of the pack as you pursue a career in accounting.

Professional Responsibilities

A degree from DeVry or Keller will prepare you for many responsibilities, including:

  • Accounting, auditing, tax reporting, and consulting for corporations, organizations, governments and individuals

  • Recording and analyzing a company’s financial information

  • Planning, directing or coordinating financial activities of a branch, office or department

  • Preparing cost estimates to help bid on or determine prices of products or services

  • Examining budget estimates to conform with procedures and regulations

  • Determining the degree of risk involved in extending credit or lending money

  • Advising clients on investment strategies, securities, insurance, pension plans and real estate

  • Enforcing or ensuring compliance with financial laws and regulations


Accounting careers are found in nearly every industry, including:

  • Public accounting corporations

  • Multinational companies

  • Small businesses

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Government agencies

Career Opportunities

Graduates who focused on accounting may be prepared for careers in areas such as:

  • Financial accounting, including CPA positions1

  • Financial services industry planning and analysis

  • Financial consulting and examining

  • Federal and state taxation

  • Internal auditing

  • Budget and credit analysis

  • Purchasing 

  • Claims

1Students seeking professional certification must contact their state Board of Accountancy or the appropriate organization for their field of interest to seek professional licensing exam requirements.