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Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration

The healthcare field needs professionals to help improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, while controlling costs. DeVry University’s Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration with a Specialization in Healthcare Management can support and advance your commitment to serving others with the knowledge and ability to be effective in a variety of roles.

Get to know Our Healthcare Management Degree Program

A Healthcare Management Specialization can help prepare you to play an important role in areas such as healthcare policy, managed care, insurance, information systems and finance. Our Healthcare Management Degree program – online and hybrid – strongly emphasizes health services, helping you gain additional skills through fundamental business and management courses designed to help you adapt and succeed when faced with ever-changing workplace challenges.

Healthcare managers may oversee the computerization of patients’ records and ensure the information is secure, recruit new employees, implement new technologies, facilitate changes in healthcare regulations and help evolve new models of patient care.

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

Earn your Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration with Healthcare Management Specialization in as little as 2 years + 8 months*—or even more quickly with qualifying transfer credits.

*Not including breaks. Assumes year-round, full-time enrollment.


What You'll Learn

The Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration with a Specialization in Healthcare Management covers the following:

  • managed care and health insurance icon
    Managed Care and Health Insurance
    Explore health insurance products and managed-care approaches to the financing and delivery of healthcare services in the US.
  • healthcare policy icon
    Healthcare Policy
    Study political, social, economic and technological influences that underlie US policy-making processes as well as cultural values and beliefs regarding health.
  • health services management icon
    Health Services Management
    Understand the unique characteristics of US healthcare systems and key trends, major system components and their interrelationships, and internal and external influences on delivery of services and healthcare professions.
  • human resource management icon
    Human Resource Management
    Learn to manage corporate human resources including planning, staffing and rewards, as well as developing and maintaining positions and people.
  • health rights and repsonsibilties icon
    Health Rights and Responsibilities
    Become familiar with legal and ethical issues of healthcare services with understanding of legal relationships among providers, payers and patients, and issues of professional liability.
  • health services finance icon
    Health Services Finance
    Gain an understanding of healthcare costs and expenditures.
  • health information systems icon
    Health Services Information Systems
    Apply hardware and software options for managing patient records, insurance and billing data and developing and maintaining health services information system.
  • marketing icon
    Study general marketing principles and strategies, understanding of how market information and product life cycle affect product and production design, forecasting techniques, interdependencies between marketing and operations functions and selling skills.


Employment of medical and health services managers is projected to grow 32% from 2019-20292.

Learn more about our degrees in Healthcare:

Career Opportunities

Graduates with our Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration with a Specialization in Healthcare Management may consider careers such as:

  • Administrative Services Manager

  • Admissions Coordinator

  • Assistant Administrator

  • Business Office Supervisor

  • Clinical Administrative Coordinator

  • Health Services Manager

  • Healthcare Administrators

  • Medical Office Manager

  • Medical Services Manager

  • Office Manager – Home Care

Program-Specific Courses

Healthcare Management

BUSN319 Marketing
HIM335 Health Information Systems and Networks with Lab
HIM370 Healthcare Data Security and Privacy
HIM410 Health Information Financial Management
MGMT410 Human Resource Management

Core Degree Courses

Business and Technology

ACCT212 Financial Accounting
ACCT346 Managerial Accounting
BIS155 Data Analysis with Spreadsheets with Lab
BIS245 Database Essentials for Business with Lab
BUSN115 Introduction to Business and Technology
BUSN278 Budgeting and Forecasting
BUSN350 Business Analysis
COMP100 Computer Applications for Business with Lab
MGMT303 Principles of Management
MGMT404 Project Management

Health Services

HSM310 Introduction to Health Services Management
HSM320 Health Rights and Responsibilities
HSM330 Health Services Information Systems
HSM340 Health Services Finance
HSM410 Healthcare Policy
HSM420 Managed Care and Health Insurance

Senior Project

BUSN460 Senior Project

General Degree Courses

Communication skills

ENGL112 Composition
ENGL135 Advanced Composition
ENGL216 Technical Writing
SPCH275 Public Speaking


HUMN303 Introduction to the Humanities
ETHC445 Principles of Ethics
LAS432 Technology, Society, and Culture

Social Sciences

ECON312 Principles of Economics
SOCS185 Culture and Society
SOCS325 Environmental Sociology

Mathematics & Natural Sciences

BIOS135 Foundations in Biology and Chemistry with Lab
MATH114 Algebra for College Students
MATH221 Statistics for Decision-Making

Personal & Professional Development

CARD405 Career Development
COLL148 Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Academic Catalog

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Program Overview

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Academic Catalog

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Program Overview

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FAQs: Healthcare Management Specialization

What can I expect to learn throughout this degree?

With our healthcare management degree, you can expect to learn about managing care and health insurance, healthcare policies, health services management and human resource management.

Some examples of the classes that you could potentially take are Principles of management, where you will learn about management theories and management principles. Health services information systems is another course you could take that focuses on how technology is used in health service information systems including hardware and software as well as confidentiality, patient records and insurance and billing data. Another course you might take is principles of ethics where you will explore personal and professional dilemmas and analyze those dilemmas using moral and ethical principles.

What General Education courses do I need to have completed before I can start my healthcare management degree online?

At DeVry, our healthcare management degree is designed to include a mix of general education and program specific courses. You will be able to start taking courses specific to your degree program in the first few sessions.

How can I get my Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration?

You have two options to earn your bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration. You can choose to get your healthcare management degree online or through a hybrid option, which is a combination of online courses and on-site courses.

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1Students enrolled at a Pennsylvania location must take HUMN451 as part of this requirement.
2https://www.bls.gov/ooh/management/medical-and-health-services-managers.htm. Local growth may vary by location. .

All students enrolled in site-based programs will be required to take some coursework online and, for some programs and locations, a substantial portion of the program may be required to be completed online.