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If you’re passionate about the humanities and challenging your worldview, a Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree from DeVry University may be a fulfilling path for you. Through our online and hybrid Liberal Arts and Sciences programs, you’ll explore how to think critically about the world around you, and grow into the person and professional you want to be.

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Our Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree courses include concepts and real-world applications across the communications and justice administration fields, and are taught by knowledgeable and experienced professors. Plus, through our Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree specializations, you can tailor your education to help you prepare for the career you want. Take a look at our undergraduate programs and specializations below.

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Liberal Arts

If you want to make an impact on your community, our justice administration and communications programs might be for you. Through our Liberal Arts and Sciences programs, you’ll explore how to think critically about the world around you, and grow into the person and professional you want to be.

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Tech-Empowered Learning

Technology is the backbone of every profession. It drives our systems, delivers quality assurance, and improves accuracy and speed. That’s why DeVry’s degree programs use our distinct approach, tech-empowered learning. In your classroom, you can learn using various systems and software that bring the course material to life.

Everything you need as a student is on our easy-to-navigate digital hub, DeVryYOU. You can collaborate with peers and faculty. Or, take part in media-rich, dynamic class discussions. Our time-management tools help you to stay on track with your classes. There are tools such as e-Tutoring, our mobile app and digital text books right at your fingertips. Tech-empowered learning is at the heart of everything we do to prepare you for the modern workplace.

FAQ: Liberal Arts And Sciences

What liberal arts courses are offered at DeVry?

Whether your interest lies in communications or justice administration, DeVry has courses ranging from Business Communication to Ethics and Criminal Justice. To see courses that can be taken within the Liberal Arts area of study, visit our justice administration and criminal justice courses page and/or our business and management courses page.

What can I learn in the communications classes?

The courses within the Communications Degree program span a broad range of topics related to business marketing, corporate communications writing and more. A few of the core learning areas you might study include technical writing, small group communication, business policy and beyond.

What can I learn in justice administration classes?

In our Justice Administration Degree program, you’ll cover topics like the correctional system, multiculturalism, drugs in society and more. Your coursework may also vary per the degree specialization you choose. Examples of core learning areas for justice administration students can range from correctional counseling, criminal justice research, victimology and more.

Can I transfer credits?

We believe you deserve credit for coursework you’ve already completed. Learn how DeVry can help you apply qualifying credits―up to 80 credit hours―toward your business school program. By maximizing qualifying transfer credit, we can help make it faster and more affordable to complete your bachelor's degree.