Healthcare Administration Degree Program

Healthcare Administration Degree Program

As the healthcare marketplace changes and evolves, there is a need to find passionate, skilled professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the industry’s needs and challenges to lead the way forward. If you’re interested in being part of the business of healthcare, consider DeVry’s Healthcare Administration bachelor’s degree program with specialization in Healthcare Management.  

Courses in the healthcare administration program are taught by professors who are dedicated to your learning – experiential, hands-on learning. Our faculty is focused on offering you real-world insights you can use to make a difference in your field.

By earning your bachelor’s in healthcare administration online or on campus, you can gain an understanding of healthcare policy, perspective on the technology landscape and business skills to bring to the health services sector. This skillset, along with a familiarity with the terminology and structure of our current healthcare system, provides a strong foundation for the healthcare administration career field.

Learn more about the advantages of studying the Healthcare Administration degree program at DeVry University. Request more information.

All students enrolled in site-based programs will be required to take some coursework online and, for some programs and locations, a substantial portion of the program may be required to be completed online.

Healthcare Administration Courses

The courses within DeVry University’s Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration degree program span a broad range of topics related to finance, management, technology and beyond. Core or required coursework areas for DeVry’s healthcare administration students may include data analysis, principles of marketing and health information systems.

Additionally, at DeVry we believe in broadening your knowledge and skills beyond the area of your healthcare administration degree program. To help prepare you for the interconnected workplace and health industry markets of tomorrow, your general studies may include communications, humanities, mathematics, social sciences and more.

Our Healthcare Administration degree program may include these courses:

Introduction to Health Services Management

Health Rights and Responsibilities

Health Services Information Systems

Health Services Finance

Healthcare Policy

Managed Care and Health Insurance

Introduction to Health Services Management

Examine key trends and influences on healthcare services and professions to gain an overarching view of how the unique characteristics of the U.S. healthcare system interrelate.

Health Rights and Responsibilities

Explore the legal and ethical issues of healthcare services, including legal relationships, professional liability and payer/patient issues.

Health Services Information Systems

Learn about the application of technology to developing and maintaining health services information systems, including hardware and software options for managing patient records, insurance and billing data.

Health Services Finance

Gain an understanding of the complexities of healthcare financing in the U.S. through examining multiple payment sources, reimbursement systems, the challenges of financial planning in healthcare and cost trends in the healthcare sector.

Healthcare Policy

Learn about the political, social and economic influences on public healthcare policy in the U.S.

Managed Care and Health Insurance

Survey the development of health insurance products and managed care approaches to the financing and delivery of healthcare services.

To learn more about required and elective courses for the bachelor's in Healthcare Administration degree program, request information or see the undergraduate academic catalog.

Healthcare Management Specialization

At DeVry University, we offer a focused student learning experience within the Healthcare Administration bachelor’s degree program via our Healthcare Management specialization. When pursuing a Healthcare Management specialization, students dedicate at least 30 credit hours of their coursework to classes required for this management program in the College of Health Services. 

Specializing in Healthcare Management can support your commitment to serving others with enhanced knowledge and abilities in areas such as healthcare policy, managed care, insurance, information systems or finance.

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1Exploring America’s Tech Skills Gap and the Parallel Deficits of Applied Tech Skills and Hard Tech Skills, by The Career Advisory Board:

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Career Services for Bachelor's Degree Students

Whether you're working to move ahead in your field or looking to take an entirely new path, DeVry’s career services team has helped thousands of bachelor’s degree holders get started with or further develop their career plans. Improve your resume, establish networking contacts, and explore opportunities in your field after graduation. Wherever your healthcare administration degree takes you, DeVry has tools, resources and advisors available to help you pursue your professional goals.

The possibilities for professionals with healthcare and business education include workplace environments like hospitals, doctor's offices or other health-related facilities. Healthcare administration graduates can be dedicated to serving in larger health systems as hospital administrators to focus on operational effectiveness, or supporting healthcare practitioners to enhance the efficiency of their practices. And with the Healthcare Management specialization, you can expand your management skills to meet new challenges as the healthcare industry evolves and diversifies.

On-Campus and Online Student Learning

Student studying at home

To support a range of student learning objectives, DeVry offers classes in a variety of ways – on campus, online and across extended classrooms. Program, courses and extended classroom availability vary by location. Learn more about DeVry's Healthcare Administration degree program online.

Programs Related to Healthcare Administration

DeVry’s Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration degree program is designed for students with a wide range of experience, including those with little or no prior college education or work history. You can pursue this bachelor’s degree program whether you’d like to complete an online healthcare administration degree or take classes at one of our 50+ campus locations nationwide. If you have a relevant bachelor’s degree or prior experience, or you may also want to consider the following programs and specializations.