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What is Engineering Technology?

By DeVry University

February 28, 2022

4 min read

Engineering technology focuses on how science and engineering principles can be applied to real world problems. It's helpful to think of it as the more practical arm of the engineering field. In an academic setting, engineering technology covers many of the same subjects as engineering, but in a more hands-on manner rather than a theoretical one.

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Technology can be a great starting point if you want to learn how to develop and apply new technologies. Curious about whether engineering technology is right for you? We've created this article to answer some questions about the engineering technology field, as well as discuss some of what you'll learn in an engineering technology degree program, what skills you’ll need in the field and explore some of the jobs you might be able to consider in the following sections:

Are Engineering and Engineering Technology Different?

Yes. While degree programs include similar courses like math and physics, engineering and engineering technology are two different disciplines. A Bachelor's in Engineering Technology emphasizes hands-on learning experiences and the practical application of engineering concepts as they relate to the development of new technologies, while an engineering degree tends to have a greater emphasis on the theoretical development and understanding of engineering principles.

Students that graduate from an engineering technology program are often called technologists in the field, and while they do often work with engineers on projects, engineering technologists will typically deal with the hands-on and practical application of the technology.

What Skills are Covered in an Engineering Technology Degree Program?

Throughout your engineering technology program, you'll have the opportunity to learn a variety of different skills that can be put to use in your career. A few examples of skills that you'll study in a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Technology at DeVry are:

    • Project management:
    •  Learn to meet project goals in a timely and budget-minded manner. Explore how different team management strategies impact productivity using project planning software and discover new ways to foster success.
    • Industrial IoT: 
    • Learn how devices speak to one another within an industrial setting. Find new ways to connect these devices to increase communication and create data analysis opportunities.
    • Machine learning: 
    • Discover the ways that machines learn and execute tasks without the need for human input, while exploring different applications for this technology.
    • Digital literacy:
    • Learn how to apply technology to help solve issues within databases and improve your ability to function in the modern workplace.
    • Automation and control: 

    Work to automate different parts of the manufacturing process in order to improve efficiency and troubleshoot control systems.

What Jobs Can You Get with an Engineering Technology Degree?

An engineering technology degree can help you prepare to pursue a variety of career paths and job opportunities. The following jobs are just a few of the options you might be able to consider after graduating from a Bachelor's in Engineering Technology program:

    • Electrical engineering technologist:
    • Electrical engineering technologists assist electrical engineers by building layouts of electrical transmission systems, assembling prototypes and supervising team workflows.
    • Manufacturing engineering technologist:
    •  Manufacturing engineering technologists design, develop and implement technology into the manufacturing process to improve efficiency and help cut costs.
    • Computer network support technician:

    Computer network support technicians use digital literacy skills to monitor performance, correct errors, optimize servers and help improve the security of a computer network

    • Engineering technologist (general): 
    • Engineering technologists use a combination of hands-on capabilities and engineering knowledge to aid engineers in the creation and application of new technologies across a variety of industries.

Keep in mind that job titles are not consistent across the engineering industry. Job requirements and minimum application qualifications vary from employer to employer.

Explore Engineering Technology at DeVry

Are you interested in working with technology that can help drive the future? If so, a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Technology may be a great place to start. Our Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Technology is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET (ETAC of ABET),, and is taught by experience faculty who will guide you through our tech-based curriculum and coursework to help prepare you to enter this dynamic field. Request more information to get enrolled in this program and start developing your engineering technology skills today.

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