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Understanding COVID-19 Video Series: A Look at the Worldwide Pandemic

By Bob Arnot, M.D., sponsored by DeVry University

March 31, 2020
4 min read

For those looking for a greater understanding of the coronavirus, from its emergence to finding a cure, watch Dr. Bob Arnot’s recent and ongoing “Understanding COVID-19 Video Series” below.

Dr. Arnot, a physician, humanitarian and network news correspondent, has covered epidemics for decades, from Ebola in Uganda to Cholera during the Rwandan genocide.

This series is not intended to compete with breaking news, rather, to compile and share key data, facts and information.

In the video below, Dr. Arnot shares a brief overview of his background and quick facts on the coronavirus, treatments, vaccines and those at greatest risk.

Video Transcription

Hi, I'm Dr. Bob Arnot. A physician who's been working on the front lines of epidemics for decades from Ebola in Uganda to cholera during the Rwandan genocide both as a humanitarian and as a network news correspondent.

Whenever my patients are faced with bad news, they find that knowledge is the greatest defense against fear and anxiety. The more they know, the more confident and empowered they become. You probably read through a blizzard of news stories on COVID-19, with some of the best medical reporting of all time. But some of the most frightening news many of us have ever encountered. And with so much of it, what does it all mean and how important is it? In this ongoing series on the coronavirus we'll look at all the fundamental concepts that are important to know so you can better follow the news. This is to protect yourself and your family and help patients and our hospitals if you're in healthcare.

I'm reporting this from the most reliable sources such as the journal Science, Nature, Lancet, and The New England Journal of Medicine as well as medical experts around the globe and at the White House press conferences. I want to thank Jack Henry for his tremendous insights and help in preparing this series. You're hearing lots of news from many different sources in a vastly different qualities with this incredibly fast news cycle. This is not meant to compete with that breaking news. Rather, this continuing series is an attempt to place all of the news into context to give you a big picture and a deep understanding of the pandemic and what it means to you, your family, and your career.

Understanding COVID-19 Video Series Episodes

  • How China’s response helped lead to flattening their curve and now reporting no new COVID-19 cases.

  • A look at the numerous major concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Dr. Arnot takes a look at China’s first case of coronavirus reported on December 8, 2019 and the steps China took that helped lead to its growth, the measures China took to contain, and how those measures contributed to flattening the curve.

  • Shows fatality rate by age and gender, percentage of risk for those by type of pre-existing conditions and how the coronavirus compares to other diseases for fatalities and transmission.

  • From data reported largely in the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Arnot walks through how the disease presents, symptoms, and complications.

  • Summary of the drugs being used to treat COVID-19, clinical trials and the use of and patients requiring ventilators. In addition, a quick overview of vaccines in development and required phases of clinical trials before deemed safe.

  • An overview of the critical factors healthcare executives need to look at and plan for, in order to provide critical care for their patients and have the necessary supplies for their staff.

  • An explanation of the R value of the virus and why that number is important in stopping the virus from spreading.

  • Dr. Arnot explains how we can control the spread of the virus and potentially having the virus mutate or die out with these measures.

  • How successful mitigation strategies can help lower the R naught value of the virus.

  • A look at how the virus is spreading through aerosol and surface transmission.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are those of the author.  The content is intended to provide general information on the nature of the pandemic, potential exposures, and is not intended to provide medical advice or address medical concerns or specific risk circumstances.  Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider regarding a medical condition.  Neither DeVry University nor its employees or business partners, nor any contributor to this content, makes any representations, express or implied, with respect to the information provided herein or to its use.

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