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Understanding COVID-19: Episode 1 – Recent Success in Wuhan

By Bob Arnot, M.D., sponsored by DeVry University

March 31, 2020
2 min read

A high-level overview of the critical steps and widespread efforts taken by China to contain the rapid spread of COVID-19. China’s success gives the world hope and an example to follow.

Video Transcription

Let's start with some great news. Corona's spread began at its origins in Wuhan, China. China's Deputy Center is now reporting zero new cases of new disease, has plans for re-establishing the airline connections and reopening factories begins.

How did China succeed? By following the World Health Organization guidelines and applying draconian measures. China undertook a:

  1. Massive increase in testing capabilities in the earliest stages of the pandemic

  2. Large scale screening of every symptomatic individual

  3. Social distancing and home quarantine

  4. Centralized quarantine for confirmed cases and suspected cases and symptomatic cases. The Chinese even brought close contacts into the centralized camp and isolated them.

These severe measures allowed China to defeat the virus. Western democracies may simply be unable to take such steps, but will suffer unimaginable consequences in numbers of sick and dead. Even in late March, New York City has been unable to test more than hospitalized patients and healthcare workers allowing an enormous outbreak to unfold.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are those of the author.  The content is intended to provide general information on the nature of the pandemic, potential exposures, and is not intended to provide medical advice or address medical concerns or specific risk circumstances.  Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider regarding a medical condition.  Neither DeVry University nor its employees or business partners, nor any contributor to this content, makes any representations, express or implied, with respect to the information provided herein or to its use.

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