How a Part-Time MBA Program Can Fit in Your Schedule


By DeVry University

August 31, 2022
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If you’re looking to make the next leap forward in your business career, chances are you’ve considered earning your MBA. However, sometimes between work, family commitments or life in general, it can be challenging to find the time to complete a degree program. Luckily, a part-time MBA program can be a great option to earn your degree with minimal disruption.

Read on to learn how part-time MBA programs work, some of the advantages of studying part-time and more in the following sections:

Advantages of a Part-Time MBA Program

When it comes to earning your MBA, a part-time MBA program could be a great solution to balancing school with your schedule. Here are just a few potential advantages that might make a part-time MBA program the right decision for furthering your education:

  • Potential to work and pursue education simultaneously: A part-time schedule can help you balance going to school and maintaining your daily job better than a full-time schedule might.
  • Convenience of completing your degree entirely online: While this can apply to full-time programs too, having the option to complete your part-time MBA program entirely online can give you even greater flexibility when managing a busy schedule.
  • Apply your new career skills as they develop: Since a part-time program may let you maintain your work schedule more easily, you don’t have to wait to put your new skills to the test.

How Long Does It Take to Finish a Part-Time MBA Program?

There are many factors that can influence how long it takes you to complete your part-time MBA program, such as:

  • How many courses you take per session
  • If you take any breaks or sessions off as you’re pursuing your degree
  • If you have any qualifying transfer credits from previous institutions
  • The length of the program in which you are enrolled in

To gain a better understanding of how your personal circumstances might affect the length of your degree program, we recommend speaking to an Admissions Representative.

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What Subjects are Covered in an MBA Program?

Because an MBA is a degree primarily aimed at helping you prepare to pursue managerial or other high-level business positions, the coursework covers a wide range of topics that not only help develop your business acumen but sharpen your leadership and people management skills. Here are a few of the subjects you might explore during a part-time MBA program:

  • Management theory and practices
  • Collaborative working
  • Problem solving
  • Technology skills
  • Team leadership techniques
  • Accounting principles
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing strategies
  • Communication skills
  • Organizational techniques

Can I Specialize During a Part-Time MBA Program?

Yes! An MBA degree can be further enhanced by pairing it with a specialization that aligns with your career aspirations or interests. By adding coursework with a particular focus, it can help you prepare to pursue a career within an industry that might require specific knowledge or insight.

At DeVry, you can choose from 10 different specializations as part of either a full- or part-time MBA program, such as:

  • Accounting
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Health Services
  • Human Resources
  • Information Systems Management
  • Marketing
  • Project Management

How Do I Select the Right Program for Me?

When it comes to finding the right part-time MBA program for you, you have a lot of options. Every school will offer something a little different in the way they construct their curriculum to the support benefits they offer to you.

At DeVry, our focus is on helping you pursue your goals in a way that works with your life. During a part-time MBA program with us, you’ll have access to the following:

  • 24/7 access to tutoring1
  • e-Library access
  • Convenient 8-week class schedules
  • 100% Online learning
  • Institutional accreditation2
  • Knowledgeable professors

Explore Part-Time MBA Programs at DeVry

If you’ve been thinking about going back to school to earn your MBA part-time, we’ve got you covered. We offer 10 different MBA specializations so you can tailor your education to fit your goals. Earn your degree on your schedule, with classes that start every 8 weeks and coursework that can be completed 100% online. 

1Each student is allotted a set number of hours of tutoring per academic session through (available 24/7). Additional tutoring services are also available through

2DeVry University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC), The University’s Keller Graduate School of Management is included in this accreditation.

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