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Business Administration

Is a Business Administration Degree Worth It?

By DeVry University

January 10, 2024
3 min read

Why Business Administration is a Good Major

You may be wondering, “is a business administration degree worth it?” There are actually many reasons why business administration may be a worthwhile degree to pursue. The following are a few key reasons why a business administration degree could be right for you.

  1. Career opportunities

    Earning a degree in business administration can help prepare you to pursue a career in a growing field. There are many potential pathways that someone with a business administration degree can follow, with a wide variety of business administration jobs to consider. As an example, employment of administrative services managers is anticipated to grow, on a national level, 6 percent from 2019 to 2029, which is more quickly than the average for all occupations.1 In total, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that about 476,200 new jobs will be added in business and financial operations occupations between 2019 and 2029.2

  2. Flexibility

    Many people who study business administration do so because of the flexibility it may provide them when it comes to career options. A great number of organizations across industries need people with business administration know-how, including health care, financial services, retail, technology, among others. If you are someone who likes to reinvent yourself and try new things in your work, a business administration degree may serve you well.

  3. Support and networking

    Beyond the career opportunities available to you after you graduate, those who study business administration may be able to begin to reap the benefits while still in school. For example, at DeVry our students learn from knowledgeable professors with real-world business experience. DeVry students are also able to connect with their peers in interactive learning environments. Those relationships can become life-long connections in the business world.

What Can Business Administration Degrees Teach You?

In your search to answer, “is business administration a good degree?” it may be beneficial to look at the curriculum associated with the program. In addition to providing an understanding of how various areas of a business work together, including finance, marketing, human resources and more, courses within a business administration degree cover skills that are relevant to today’s workplace. Those skills include the ability to think strategically, communicate persuasively, solve complex problems and delegate effectively. Business administration degree coursework also involves real-world exercises that cover how to lead teams and align employees to work toward an organization’s goals.

Business Administration Job Opportunities

Because a business administration degree has such wide applicability across organizations and industries, there are many business administration jobs to explore. Some of those roles include general and operations managers, social and community service manager, industrial production manager, sales manager and management analyst. There are many other potential roles and fields that someone with a business administration degree can pursue as well.

So, is a business administration degree worth the investment? Everyone must answer that question for themselves, but based on the breadth of potential job opportunities and career growth prospects, the answer for many people is, “Yes.”

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