The Benefits of Online Education for Your College Degree Program


By DeVry University

September 20, 2021
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Students haven’t always lived close to schools or had easy access to education, so distance learning became an important way to pursue their educational goals. It provided students with the opportunity to study remotely from wherever they happened to be. Then, with the dawn of the internet, a new opportunity was born. By the 1990s, online learning had become a popular option, with schools like DeVry University offering a variety of online degree programs. As online learning continues to evolve in the 21st century it doesn’t seem to be showing signs of slowing down.

Today, getting  the benefits of online education  can include the flexibility and personalized options that these programs provide. Here are just a few reasons to choose an online education in 2021:


Whether you’re a working adult with a family or a traditional college-age student who happens to be a night owl, online study can fit into your life. You can log in from wherever you happen to be at whatever time works for you. Online learning is designed to fit into your schedule and saves you a commute to a campus. All you may need is an internet connection and a laptop, desktop or mobile device.

You can even break each lesson down into smaller chunks and complete a little bit at a time. Study while your toddler naps, or on the train or in the early morning before work. Online education lets you keep control of your schedule and your work-life balance.

Personalized Experience

In a traditional campus-based environment, classes schedules are set at specific times on certain days. With online learning, you can take extra classes when you have time to devote to them or follow the course path and timing, depending on your day-to-day responsibilities. In addition, the online format works for a variety of learning styles with a balance of video lectures, reading and discussion groups.

Digital Literacy

Recently, businesses around the globe have adapted to consumers’ changing needs and shifted their operations online. Technology has been evolving rapidly, with new digital tools launching all the time.  Now more than ever, strong digital skills are important to compete in many fields. Completing an online degree program can introduce you to a wide variety of digital tools and teach you about a variety of skills you need to succeed in an increasingly virtual world.

Networking and Collaboration

Some of the advantages of online education include the opportunity to work with professionals from around the world. Your professors and fellow students are likely a diverse group with very different backgrounds, areas of expertise and specializations. You have the opportunity to increase your network, collaborate virtually with a wide range of professionals and possibly find mentors to help you chart your path after graduation.

Gaining New Skills

Pursuing an online degree can be an engaging experience for many students just like you. Online learning requires you to practice time management and self-discipline, which are skills that are often prized in the modern workplace. You can learn to be a self-starter, to communicate clearly in writing and to balance competing priorities. These soft skills can be valuable to many employers and they might help you pursue the job of your dreams.

Building Your Educational Pathway

At DeVry University, degree paths can build on one another, depending upon the course. Some of our programs offer you the opportunity to start by earning an associate’s degree and then you can complete a bachelor’s, a graduate certificate and eventually a master’s degree. At DeVry, many credits  may transfer from one program to another.1 Or, if you already have some qualifying academic credits or real-world experience, you may be able to gain credit toward your degree at DeVry to shorten the length of your program.1 Either way, your educational pathway is paved by you.

Tools and Support

Online education programs are designed to support students as they study remotely. At DeVry, students have access to such tools as on-demand tutoring,2 a digital library and a support team dedicated to helping you navigate everything from financial aid to course selection. You’ll also be part of a community of peers who are working toward similar goals. As you near graduation, you can take advantage of the career services department, to help you pursue jobs in your field.

Putting It All Together

Online education has become an avenue for many students to pursue a degree. Whether you are a working professional with a busy schedule or a college-age student who doesn’t want to be constrained by the time and location demands of campus-based classes, an online degree program is an excellent way to earn your degree. In addition to gaining the practical skills and knowledge you need for your chosen career path, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about a variety of valuable soft skills, improve your digital literacy and experience the support of a community that is dedicated to helping you.

Ready to Explore Online Classes?

DeVry University offers online program formats that you can access regardless of where you are physically located. If want to advance your education on a flexible schedule an online program could be the option that meets your needs.

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1At the time of application to the next credential level, an evaluation of qualifying transfer credit will occur and the most beneficial outcome will be applied.
2Each student is allotted a set number of hours of tutoring per academic session through (available 24/7). Additional tutoring services are also available through