Innovation through Technology

It's in our history, our classrooms and your future

Tech Inside Your Business, Tech or Health Program

*TechPath Associate and Bachelor’s degree programs are offered to new students at the cost of $487 per credit hour, which is 20% lower than our Non TechPath rate at $609. 20% savings is applicable to those who apply after 4/21/2017. New TechPath pricing savings do not apply to certificate programs. Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended DeVry can be found at

What is TechPath?

Experiential Learning For What's Next

At DeVry, we believe the best way go to work in our digitally-driven world is with real experience you can get through immersive and hands-on education. You’ll find that in TechPath. It’s experiential from start to finish, designed to help you go from simply knowing about a topic to building your skills towards technical competence.

At the heart of TechPath are real projects to complete – projects that parallel the kind of things you’ll deal with when you go to work every day.

Looking back, we were always looking forward