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Current + Prospective Students

Care for Students Experiencing Hardship

DeVry University is committed to providing support and resources to students who may be experiencing a state of homelessness or hardship. While support systems may vary from state to state, the information provided below are some of the resources available to all students who currently are or may become homeless, displaced or are in need of assistance. Although DeVry does not offer dormitory facilities, students can and are encouraged to seek guidance by contacting the Student Central department and/or contact DeVry University’s Student Assistance Program, StudentLinc at or  1-888-893-LINC (5462).


Local, State, and Federal Resources:

Housing and Urban Development Resource Locator:

Housing and Urban Development Local Homeless Assistance List:

National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at (877) 4AID-VET (877-424-3838)

VA Homeless Programs:

Food Insecurity Resources:

For students in Illinois, Illinois Department of Human Services; Housing, Shelter & Homelessness Resources:

Additional Student Information and Resources:

Homelessness Resources

Pursuant to regulations in the state of Illinois, in an effort to provide assistance to students experiencing homelessness, institutions of higher learning are required to designate a liaison who can offer assistance and resources for students who are homeless or are experiencing varying types of homelessness while enrolled at the institution.

Homelessness Liaison

The homelessness liaison serves as an advocate for students in matters pertaining to housing and is responsible for providing guidance related to financial aid eligibility of homeless students or federal and state financial aid resources that may be available. The liaison has additional reporting responsibilities, is responsible for publishing information on the institution’s website regarding services and resources that may be available, and to train the institution’s employees on matters related to identifying homelessness or potential homelessness.

For students residing in the State of Illinois, please contact the Designated Homelessness Liaison:

Brendan Aubin
[email protected]

For students outside of Illinois, please contact Student Central and/or contact DeVry University’s Student Assistance Program, StudentLinc at:

Phone: 1-888-893-LINC (5462)
Mobile: eConnect® mobile app
Username: DeVry

Illinois Physical and Financial Hardship Policy