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What is an MBA with a Concentration in Finance?

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An MBA with a concentration in finance, sometimes referred to as an MBA in Finance or an MBA with a Specialization in Finance, is a graduate-level business degree that includes additional classes focused on finance along with core business courses.

By adding finance courses to a general MBA degree, you have the opportunity to create a more well-rounded education experience. In a functional sense, this also means that you could potentially consider pursuing a career in either field after graduation.

These expanded career options can make an MBA with a Specialization in Finance an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in working toward a career in finance, but wants to keep their options open.

mba in finance

To help you build your understanding of this kind of degree program, we'll take a look at some of the benefits of earning an MBA with a concentration in finance and explore some of the jobs you might be able to consider in the following sections:

Why Choose an MBA with a Concentration in Finance?

You have a lot of options when it comes to earning a master's degree or an MBA. So, what makes an MBA with a Specialization in Finance a good choice? One of the primary reasons it makes sense for many students is the versatility that an MBA with a concentration in finance offers.

Many degrees only focus on one subject. But as we mentioned, an MBA with a Specialization in Finance program gives you the chance to develop high-level business administration skills as well as finance skills. By gaining both of these skillsets, you may be able to consider applying for job opportunities in either career field.

In some situations, one skill may even enhance the other. Having business knowledge may allow you to more effectively apply yourself in the financial world, while having financial knowledge can help you make more effective decisions regarding the allocation of company funds in a business setting.

What Kinds of Jobs Can You Get with an MBA with a Concentration in Finance?

By earning a versatile degree like an MBA with a Concentration in Finance, you not only may increase the range of jobs that you can consider from an industry standpoint, but you may also have the opportunity to leverage the management, collaboration and leadership abilities learned in your MBA courses to pursue careers on many different levels, including some upper management positions.

Some examples of careers you might be able to consider after earning an MBA with a Specialization in Finance are:

  • Business Manager

    Business managers are professionals that manage employees and operations within a company. In the case of large companies, they likely manage a single department, while they may manage the entire business at a small company. They use a combination of business administration skills and financial understanding in order to ensure that they are operating in a financially sustainable manner.

  • Financial Analyst

    Financial analysts are in charge of reviewing a company's finances and determining whether or not the company is operating in a healthy way. They may also do some review of the current financial market in order to help a company make effective investments. In both of these instances, they take their recommendations to company leaders, who use the information to make decisions.

  • General Manager

    General managers oversee day-to-day operations at a company or within a specific department. They play a role in hiring staff, setting budgets, overseeing projects, monitoring productivity and employee performance, determining policy and more.


  • Investment Fundamentals and Security Analysis

    While not a job title, people working in the area of investment fundamentals and security analysis are responsible for a variety of tasks. People in the sphere of investment fundamentals are in charge of managing the investments of a company and do so by analyzing market trends. Security analysis professionals analyze securities, which are tradable investments. They help companies choose the correct securities to invest in, in order to help them maximize profits.

  • Store Manager

    Store managers oversee a specific store or retail location of a company. They act similarly to a General Manager and maintain control over staff hiring, day-to-day operations, budget setting and store policy. They may also play a role in supporting staff on the sales, depending on the overall corporate policies in place.

Earn Your MBA with a Concentration in Finance at DeVry

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