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Master's Degree

Capstone Project

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

Cap off Your Education

DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management Capstone Project is a culmination of your degree coursework. This project-centric program is taken toward the end of your degree journey, and is designed to allow you to use the full depth of your new knowledge. Through the Capstone Project, you’ll put your hard-earned skills to work in a real-world setting.

Get to Know Our Capstone Project

The Capstone Project gives you a chance to apply what you’ve learned to create and present a comprehensive plan tailored to your unique career path. Some choose to create a project that directly benefits their current employer. Others bring an entrepreneurial focus to the Capstone Project, taking advantage of the project to launch new business ventures. Regardless of how you choose to apply this opportunity, our knowledgeable faculty of professors will guide you through the process to make the most of your Capstone Project experience.

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

Whether you know exactly where you're heading, or you're still planning your next steps, it all starts with a simple conversation. Let’s talk.

Capstone Courses for Each Master's Degree Program:

All students enrolled in site-based programs will be required to take some coursework online and, for some programs and locations, a substantial portion of the program may be required to be completed online.