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An online degree is a great way to advance your education and may help you prepare for a wider array of job opportunities. Best of all, an online program doesn’t require you to interrupt your life. You can attend school from anywhere, whether you are working, raising a family or managing other personal commitments.

America’s Top Online Colleges 2023 Seal
America’s Top Online Colleges 2023 Seal

DeVry University is honored to be recognized as one of America's Top Online Colleges by students who have taken courses or earned degrees online in a ranking by Newsweek in partnership with Statista.

At DeVry University, we've been teaching courses online for decades. Our professors and instructors are effective at communicating high-level concepts through online formats. We've also worked hard to develop student services such as 24/7 support, an e-library, web-based study tools and innovative digital lab courses that can help online students receive the same quality education as those taking in person classes.

Why DeVry?

Discover Our Hybrid and Online Degree Programs

When you enroll at DeVry University or our Keller Graduate School of Management, you can prepare for the challenges of the modern workplace to make a positive impact in your chosen field. Browse our variety of on-campus and online degree programs, including certificate programs, associate, bachelor’s, master’s and MBA degree programs.

In our programs you can:

Expand your skillset with tech-infused, experiential learning.

Study 100% online or take select classes at one of our 40+ campus locations with our hybrid format

Access your coursework anytime, anywhere with our flexible learning tools and mobile app

Get one-on-one support with 24/7 on-demand tutoring1

Earn your degree from an accredited university2

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Denise Andrews
Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing & Coding, 2022
At DeVry University the staff is always on top of things and reminds you of all upcoming events and appointments. They are a caring bunch and I believe I will be successful in meeting my goals in the field of Medical Billing & Coding. I recommend this University to anyone who is looking for that supportive institute for learning.
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Some programs offered by DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management may include certification exam preparation materials within the curriculum. Completion of educational programs offered by DeVry do not lead to professional licensure or certification that are a prerequisite for employment. Before seeking professional licensure or certification, students interested in doing so after the completion of a DeVry program are encouraged to confirm eligibility and ensure all necessary requirements can be met.

Classes Start Monday, January 1, 2024

A Scholarship to Empower Women in Tech

Ignite your career in tech with financial support designed especially for you. Find out how DeVry is helping women break into technology-focused STEM fields by providing those who qualify the support they need to make a difference in the tech world.
Learn more about
Women+Tech Scholarship
Scholars Program

NextGen Hispanic Scholars Program

Be a part of the change toward creating a diverse workforce, and empower Hispanic Scholars like you to represent you and your community in your industry. Show up and show off your skills as you set the bar high for the workforce of tomorrow.

Get to Know Our Degree Program Areas

Whether you choose online college courses or take courses on campus, or enroll part- or full-time, we offer a multitude of degree programs to fit your life.

These programs were designed with a tech-empowered learning approach to provide our students with more than just core business and soft skills. They also provide you with an understanding of relevant technologies related to your area of study.

Earn your credential within business, tech or health at an accredited university2.

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Want to know more about our onsite and online college courses? Explore our courses by area of interest.
Learning Experience

Dynamic Online Learning


Through our learning management platform, you can find all your course information online, from assignment due dates to discussion topics. Read about class objectives and review key concepts from each week’s materials. Engage in discussions with professors and classmates to help grow communication skills. Our online college courses are designed to keep you interested and focused on what you're learning.

Learning Experience

Flexible Education Options


At DeVry and Keller, flexibility means more than just our ability to offer onsite and online college courses. It also means:

  • Convenient 8-week sessions

  • Full and part-time schedule options

  • On-demand learning resources such as tutoring1 and digital library services

  • 24/7 access to your courses via our mobile app

When it comes to earning online college degrees, we know flexibility is key. That's why we've built our courses and programs in a way that focuses on meeting your needs, while allowing you to set your own study schedule.

Accreditation Matters

Our Online Programs are accredited* by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) 

You're Never Alone in Earning an Online Degree at DeVry

Choosing to pursue a degree is a big decision. It’s natural to feel nervous when trying something new like earning a degree online. The good news is that online degree programs shouldn’t be intimidating. At DeVry, we support our students during their online college courses each and every step of the way. With helpful tools and collaborative learning environments, you will never be alone on your education journey.

Dedicated Student Support Advisors

DeVry’s Student Support Advisors are dedicated to student success. Your Student Support Advisor will always have your back. Whether that means arranging online college courses to coordinating study plans or simply checking in to see how things are going, you can rest assured knowing that a dedicated advisor is keeping an eye out for you.

Personalized Career Services

Your DeVry Career Services Advisor will get to know you, your career goals and aspirations. Well before graduation, your Career Services Advisor will work with you on things like developing a personal brand, polishing your resume, optimizing your LinkedIn profile and providing interview coaching when the time is right. At DeVry, we know your education is more than just earning a degree. It's also about how you can potentially use your credentials to open new and exciting doors for your life.

24-7 Student Support

Busy adults in online degree programs need time to study whenever they can. That’s why we offer 24/7 live tutoring1 any time our students need it. We know that the flexibility of an online education is the only way that many people can earn a degree while supporting their family. You shouldn't have to choose between improving yourself and maintaining your regular obligations. We'll work to understand your situation and do our best to support your goals throughout your time at DeVry.

3 Reasons to Earn a Degree

There are many reasons people enroll in online degree programs. For some it’s career advancement, for others it’s the hope of increased earning potential or it may be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Whatever your personal reason for pursuing higher education online, we're here to help.

If you've been on the fence about pursuing a degree online, here are three reasons why furthering your education with a degree can be a great idea.

New Career Opportunities

Graduates of degree programs can benefit from more career opportunities. Many jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree to be considered. Earning a college degree can help open many doors that may otherwise be closed.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics3:

  • Those with a bachelor's degree earn, on average, 60% more per week than those with only a high school diploma.

  • Graduates with a master’s degree earn nearly double the weekly amount of high school grads.

Less Likely to be Unemployed

Earning a college degree can help you weather the storm when times get tough. For example, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate was 5.5% for college graduates with a bachelor's, and 9% for high school graduates in 2020.4

Personal Fulfillment

Last but not least, earning a college degree can fulfill a personal passion and lifelong dream for many people. A bachelor’s degree is an accomplishment that, in 2016, only 33% of Americans could claim5. It can be a source of great pride and satisfaction for graduates and their families, especially for families who are first generation college students.

FAQs: Online and On-Campus Degree Programs

Absolutely! Many online degree programs are accredited.

DeVry University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC), HLC is a national agency that accredits U.S. colleges and universities at the institutional level and is recognized by both the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Accreditation provides assurance to the public and to prospective students that standards of quality have been met.

See all of DeVry's accreditations.

The four types of degrees that are typically offered by both online and in-person institutions of higher learning include associate, bachelor’s, master's and doctoral degrees.

Associate Degree
An associate degree is the first level among college degree programs and can help prepare students for entry-level positions in a variety of fields. An associate degree usually takes approximately two years to complete, but can require less time with qualifying transfer credits or a year-round study plan. DeVry offers associate degree programs in technology, business and healthcare and some programs can be completed in as little as 1 year and 4 months.6

Bachelor’s Degree
A bachelor's degree is the next step up in college degree programs. Typically known as a four-year program, a bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate degree that can help prepare graduates for either entry-level or more advanced employment, depending on your industry. Generally, a bachelor's degree is required to pursue a graduate degree program, such as a master’s degree. At DeVry, we offer bachelor’s degree programs in the fields of technology, business, accounting, healthcare, liberal arts and media arts and some programs can be completed in as little as 2 years and 8 months6. Within each of these fields, we offer several specializations designed to help you gain the necessary skills to pursue specific career paths.

Master’s Degree
A master's degree is a type of graduate degree program that typically requires a student to focus on a specific area of study. Generally, a master’s degree program takes one to two years to graduate. Some master's degree programs include a thesis or capstone project that students must complete in order to graduate. A master's degree can help prepare graduates for more advanced or executive-level career paths. DeVry offers master’s degree programs in technology, business, accounting and healthcare.

Doctoral Degree
A doctoral degree represents the highest level of degree program achievement and is often referred to as a “terminal degree.” Typically, a doctoral degree program builds upon a master’s degree program and requires a master’s degree for a student to be admitted. A doctoral degree program can take several years to complete and can include a dissertation or major research project. Graduates of doctoral degree programs are often considered experts in their fields. Currently, DeVry does not offer doctoral degree programs.

Investing in online degree programs may be very worthwhile. Not only do online degrees offer increased convenience and flexibility for busy students, but earning a college degree can pay off in terms of expanded career opportunities.3

The best online college degree is the one that most closely aligns with your career passions and aspirations. While that differs for each of us, at DeVry, some of our more popular online degree programs include Medical Billing and CodingBusiness and Management, and Information Technology and Networking.

When considering an online degree program, it may help to do some research into how a school handles online learning. You should also look into how long a school has offered online learning options as an indicator of how well-equipped they may be to support your needs. DeVry University was a pioneer in the realm online higher education, and we have decades of experience helping students reach their goals.

At Devry, we offer both hybrid and online classes. This way you can choose which option works better for you. Our hybrid programs give you the opportunity to have face-to-face time for certain classes and also offer the benefit of taking online classes. Or, if you choose to, you can also take our programs 100% online. Certain DeVry programs require students to successfully complete practicum or clinical coursework at an affiliated healthcare site.


Getting a bachelor's degree online takes roughly the same amount of time as obtaining one through in-person courses. Depending on the focus of your degree, the intensity of your course load and the amount of qualifying transfer credits you already have, the length of the program may be reduced. At DeVry some bachelor's degree programs can be completed online in as little as 2 years and 8 months6

Yes, DeVry has been offering fully online degree programs and classes for more than 20 years. Our 100% online option makes earning a degree more accessible and allows students greater flexibility to attend classes on their schedule. You can check in with your professor, review coursework and participate in discussions from wherever you are through your desktop, laptop or our mobile app.

Learn more about Online Education.

Yes! If you have any questions or need some assistance, we offer 24/7 on-demand tutoring1, allowing you to connect on numerous topics or receive writing assistance, all online.

Absolutely! An online degree is identical to one obtained through an in-person program. While the experience of earning an online degree is different, you can rest assured that your degree from DeVry is legitimate.

Graduates from associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs will receive a diploma. You can even choose to graduate in person at one of our university campuses holding a ceremony that year. A diploma earned through online learning is identical to one earned through in-person programs. The document you receive does not differ from that of an in-person student./p>

Yes, you can participate in your graduation ceremony at select DeVry University campus locations. While not necessary to receive a degree, a graduation ceremony can be a meaningful way to celebrate your achievement with friends and family.

Call us at 866-338-7934 to start your application process. We'll get in touch and help you get started with the process of applying to attend DeVry. Once we're in touch, we'll also walk you through acceptance criteria, enrollment and class registration, and we’ll connect you with your team of Academic Advisors.

The cost of an online degree varies depending on your program length, degree level and several other factors. At DeVry, we can help you manage your tuition costs by reviewing your eligibility for scholarships, grants, loans and more. To learn more about our current tuition and fees, visit our Tuition page. As a DeVry student, you’ll be supported throughout your academic journey by a team of colleagues, including Student Central leaders, student support advisors and faculty, who can direct you to online and onsite resources. You’ll gain access to: Virtual library resources Academic advising One-on-one faculty guidance 24/7 on-demand tutoring1 Resume support Career services Student clubs Internship and hiring events

Of course, DeVry offers 100% online degree programs for every student, including international students living outside the United States. Our online degree options offer students overseas the opportunity to experience a U.S. education from wherever they are in the world without having to worry about relocation. For students who do want to study on campus, DeVry offers options for international students at several of our U.S. locations. Upon requesting information, an International Student Advisor will guide students through the enrollment process and a start date to suit their schedule. Learn more about International Admissions.

Of course, DeVry offers 100% online degree programs for every student, including international students living outside the United States. Our online degree options offer students overseas the opportunity to experience a U.S. education from wherever they are in the world without having to worry about relocation. For students who do want to study on campus, DeVry offers options for international students at several of our U.S. locations. Upon requesting information, an International Student Advisor will guide students through the enrollment process and a start date to suit their schedule. Learn more about International Admissions.

Yes! You can earn an associate degree online. An associate degree can provide you with additional skills and qualifications that may help you pursue opportunities at workplaces that require more than a high school diploma.

Yes! You can earn a bachelor's degree online and gain all the valuable skills that come with one. DeVry offers several bachelor's degree programs for students. These programs provide you with the flexibility you need to make furthering your education an achievable goal.

Yes! Master's degrees can be earned online through an accredited institution of higher learning. DeVry University and our Keller Graduate School of Management offer online master's degrees across four areas of study; technology, business, accounting and healthcare.

You can earn an associate, bachelor's or master's degree online. These degrees are offered for a wide range of industries and disciplines such as technology, business and healthcare. Some degree programs you might consider at DeVry include: Business Administration Computer Information Systems Software Development Accounting Health Information Management Communications Multimedia Design and Development Information Technology and Networking Engineering Technology Network and Communications Management

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Find your niche and prepare to pursue your goals with industry insights, learning tips and more on our blog.

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*Conferral and Assessment Data - Available for all of DeVry and Keller's ACBSP accredited programs. For a full list of DeVry University's business and accounting degree programs accredited by ACBSP, please see the Accreditation page.
1Each student is allotted 13 hours of tutoring per academic session through (available 24/7). Additional tutoring services are also available through
2DeVry University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC), . The University's Keller Graduate School of Management is included in this accreditation.
6Not including breaks. Assumes year-round, full-time enrollment.